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Health Benefits Of Hugs & Kisses


How often do you hug and kiss the ones you love? If you have the habit of doing either of these, well, you must be a healthy human being! A week of study was conducted on 5 couples . At the beginning of the study, researchers noted down their blood pressure levels, tested their diabetic value and diagnosed their level of stress.

All of these tests which were done at the beginning of the experiment and it concluded to be of high ranges. The 10 subjects were then asked to stay with their partner, secluded in a room and away from technology.


The couples were asked to concentrate on their relationship and as much as they could, they were told to get intimate, either by hugging or kissing. At the end of the week, the same medical tests were conducted. The results showed that 90 percent of the subjects were not under stress and their blood pressure level was regulated.

Therefore, through this little experiment, it is proved that there are some health benefits of hugging and kissing. Here are some of the ways in which getting physical is best for your health, take a look:


Peace Of Mind

The mind is at ease when two beings are hugging. This creates a relaxed atmosphere in the body and mind, make you feel peaceful.


Good For The Heart

Hugging is scientifically proven best for the heart. Hugging a loved one will make the heart beat more calm and in turn lowers heart-related problems and diseases.


Reduces Stress

Kissing and hugging is healthy as it relieves stress by releases epinephrine into your blood, making it pump faster, thus helping to forget what your stressing about.


Blood Pressure

Kissing helps to dilate your blood vessels, which may help lower your blood pressure. That is the reason why after the experiment, each subject had a regulated bp.


Kills That Headache

If your in pain, go out there and give your loved one a hug. Hugging is one of the best and natural ways to ease a headache. When you hug there is a blood-vessel-dilation which relieve pain in the body. This little secret can also ease menstrual cramps.


Makes You Lose Weight

If you want to lose weight fast and in a healthy way, kiss away. The study conducted also showed a rapid decrease in weight by the couples. A kiss can burn 8-16 calories.


Exercise For Your Body

An intimate kiss is the most healthy. It is said that kissing your partner for 5 minutes everyday can help keep your neck and jawline in shape. Kissing is a good exercise for the facial muscles.


Keeps You Away From Addictions

Oxytocin is produced when two people hug each other. This hormone is so powerful that it helps to reduce the cravings of drug and alcohol addiction. Experts state that this hormone also benefits you to stay away from sweets.

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