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Health Benefits Of Gardening


Is gardening healthy? Yes, in many ways. Once you know about the therapeutic benefits of gardening, you will long to start taking it seriously.

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Is gardening an exercise? Of course, yes. It takes a lot to dig the earth, plant seeds, cut the grass or move around the garden to do other works related to gardening.

You will be able to burn a lot of calories and it is a lot better than sitting on your office desk for the whole day. Also, you will be able to get some fresh air, enjoy the sights and sounds of nature, beat the stress levels and enhance your moods.

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Also, many people enjoy a great sense of satisfaction through gardening. If you can grow your own vegetables, you will also be able to start a healthy diet without going to buy foods from the super market.

So, is gardening healthy? After reading about the health benefits of gardening, you will surely agree.


Benefit #1

You will be able to lead a physically active lifestyle when you have gardening as a hobby. When you move a lot, your fitness levels tend to improve. Also, carrying and using the gardening tools like shovels and cutters would give you some exercise.


Benefit #2

Your mind gets excited as gardening can boost your creativity too. When you are surrounded with greenery, your mind gets positive thoughts.


Benefit #3

It is relaxing. Breathing in fresh air or touching the soil can be experiences that can relax you even without your knowledge.


Benefit #4

Also, gardening can boost the feel good chemicals in your brain and this can be a very peaceful experience for you.


Benefit #5

You can minimise your stress levels. A study reveals that those who spend time in gardening tend to have lower stress levels.


Benefit #6

Various movements that are related to gardening like digging or cutting grass help you boost your blood circulation levels. So, this activity is as good as an exercise.


Benefit #7

A study declares that those who work on soil for a few hours every day can reduce their cardio vascular risks.


Benefit #8

You can bond well with your loved ones if you include them in this activity. This can enhance your sense of joy in your life.


Benefit #9

This activity can also improve your flexibility and can sharpen your senses. When you spend your first hour in the morning in your garden, why would you feel sleepy on your office desk?

These are just a few benefits. If you know of any, please share them with us.

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