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Disadvantages Of Chewing Gum


Many people usually chew a gum as they are habituated to it. It can be said that chewing gum is addictive for most people and then it becomes an inseparable part of their personality.

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Many a times your teacher might have scolded you for chewing a gum in the class room. Just not for it's side effects but only for other etiquette reasons. However, today we will share with you few reasons as to why not to eat a chewing gum.


Let's take a look at some of the disadvantages of chewing gum. Following are some bad-effects of chewing gum.

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Force You To Eat Junk Food

A research has shown that chewing gum especially mint flavoured reduces a persons' intake of healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables. Not only this, it forces a person to eat more junk food.


Leads To Joint Problems

Overuse of oral muscles can cause damage. Chewing gum frequently causes a medical condition called as temporomandibular joint disorder. In this condition there is an intense pain in the joints and muscles connecting the jaw to the skull.


Gastrointestinal Problems

Chewing gum causes you to swallow a lot of air which can lead to bloating and abdominal pain. This can also cause indigestion and heart burn. This is one of the disadvantages of chewing gum.


Headaches And Allergy

Headaches and allergy are among the few harmful effects of chewing gum. The excessive use of chewing gum can also cause headaches and allergies. The reason for this is that many preservatives, artificial flavours and artificial sugars present in the chewing gum can lead to toxicity, allergy and headache.


Spoils Your Teeth

It is true that chewing gum occasionally is good for your gums and teeth. However, excessive usage of a chewing gum can harm your teeth and can cause tooth decay. The reason is, the sugar coated on chewing gums allows the bacteria to feed on your teeth causing their damage.



One of the disadvantages of chewing gum is that it causes diarrhoea. The artificial sweeteners such as mannitol and sorbitol in chewing gum causes irritation to intestines. The continuous irritation can cause diarrhoea and then dehydration due to the loss of body fluids.


Releases Toxic Mercury

Some people have fillings in their teeth cavity, this filling is made of mercury, silver and tin. Excessive chewing of a gum can remove this mercury from your tooth filling into the body. Mercury is very poisonous metal for humans.


Hampers Development

A research has shown that children or teenagers who are addicted to chewing gums have an irregular face development from their adulthood. Their faces are larger than the normal ones as the excessive chewing of a gum stimulates the jawbone and facial muscles. This is among the worst side effects of a chewing gum.

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