Amazing Benefits Of Sweet Basil Seed

By: Tanushree Kulkarni
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Call it Tukmaria, Sabja or Falooda, there are many amazing benefits of sweet basil seeds. Almost identical to Chia seeds, they offer a multitude of benefits to us, be it helping in digestion, reducing constipation, or beautifying hair and skin. Today, we here at Boldsky are going to share with you the amazing benefits of sweet basil seeds.

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They act as a coolant during summers and help in cleansing and flushing the toxins out of the body. There are numerous ways in which sweet basil seeds can be beneficial for our body. You can soak it overnight and drink it in the morning with water or you can also mix soaked basil seeds in watermelon juice and drink. Read on to for amazing benefits of sweet basil seeds.

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Benefits of sweet basil seeds:



Sweet basil or Falooda seeds are packed with nutrients essential for the body. Adding it to your food will give you benefits of a wholesome diet. It is packed with essential carbohydrates, proteins, fats, sugar, vitamins, minerals and calories which protect you from ailments.


Helping In Digestion Of Food:

Sweet basil seeds contain high level of dietary fibre acting as a detox agent. It also helps in cleaning our gastrointestinal tract which makes process of digestion easier cleansing out our entire gastrointestinal tract efficiently.

There are plenty of other benefits of sweet basil seeds such as curing ailments related to stomach such as indigestion, cramps, and upset tummy.


Reduced Stress:

With the hectic and stressful lifestyle we lead these days, stress has become an inevitable part of our lives. We often try lots of medicines but to no avail. But what if we told you that apart from other amazing benefits of sweet basil seeds, it is also helpful in reducing stress?

It is one of the best stress busters and has a calming effect on our body. Incorporate these in your diet and say hello to less stress levels, better mental health, and good mood.


Say Hello To A Glowing Skin:

As it is rightly said, your skin is a reflection of your health. But in this fast paced time it becomes difficult to lead a healthy lifestyle. By including Sweet basil seeds in your lifestyle, you can get a healthy skin.

It is a natural detox, and helps in cleansing your skin and keep skin issues like pimples, acne, blackheads at bay.

Its anti-fungal and antibiotic qualities gives you blemish free and glowing skin.


Amazing Hair:

The seeds are packed with protein, Vitamin K and Iron which makes your hair healthy and shiny. Include it in your daily diet and keep ailments like hair loss and baldness at bay.


Weight Loss Benefits Of Sweet Basil Seeds

According to nutritionists, sweet basil seeds can help you in losing excessive body weight. High fibre contents in these seeds curbs our appetite which helps in losing weight.


Regulate Body Heat With Sweet Basil Seeds:

Sweet basil seeds are effective body coolant which keeps your body temperature in control. It is a great rescuer during those scorching summers. Just soak it in a glass of water and drink it after an hour and you are ready to brace summers.

So, include sweet basil seeds in your diet and get benefited from amazing benefits of sweet basil seeds.

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