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10 Ill Effects Of Air Conditioners


In the past few weeks, the country is seeing a considerable rise in temperatures. To beat the heat and feel cool, people have installed air conditioners in their houses. Now, since most of the offices are air conditioned for the employees to work at ease, you are practically spending the whole day in an air conditioned environment.

You return home and spend the remainder of your day and nights with an air conditioner turned on. Living in an air conditioned room has a lot of ill effects on your health which you might not realise.

However, if you look on the other side, these coolers are beneficial for people who suffer from conditions like heat stroke during the summer season.


But according to research, there are various ill effects of air conditioners which will leave you feeling sick and tired. Here are some of the health risks of air conditioning, you might want to take a look at:


Risk To Your Lungs

One of the worst ill effects of air conditioners is the sudden change in temperature and humidity. This change affects the respiratory system.


Skin Effect

The more you sit in an air conditioned room, the more skin problems you will have. It is said that the ill effects of air conditioner dries the skin and the mucous membranes too.


Noise Pollution

There are some air conditioners which create a heavy noise. It results in headaches throughout the day.


Respiratory Diseases

One of the health risks of air conditioning is the transmission of infectious respiratory diseases which is caused due to the lack of poor air circulation.



The airborne dust and fungi can cause allergic reactions, therefore, this is one of the health risks of air conditioners.



Not only skin irritations but throat irritations too are one of the many health risks of air conditioners.


Common Cold

Due to the circulation of air in the same room, if someone is suffering from a cold, other people too can catch it easily. Viral infection spread rapidly in air conditioned rooms which is one of the ill effects of air conditioners.


Eye Problems

Air conditioning can exacerbate eye conditions such as conjunctivitis and blepharitis as well as create problems for contact lens wearers.


Intolerant To The Heat

One of the worst ill effects of air conditioners is for those who spend a lot of time in the cold environment. One becomes more intolerant of hot summer temperatures and thus sweat excessively.


Feeling Of Fatigue

Wondering why you feel tired constantly? One of the possible reasons is because of the air conditioned room. Constant fatigue and frequent headaches are two of the health problems faced by those who are in air conditioned rooms 24 hours a day.

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Story first published: Friday, April 25, 2014, 22:12 [IST]