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9 Lesser Known Side Effects Of Masturbation In Men

While masturbation in the case of men can tag along with several benefits including respite from excessive stress, masturbating too much can pose a threat to the normal functioning of the body. And that's what we will be discussing in this article, the harmful side effects of masturbation.

It sometimes becomes confusing to determine what level of masturbation is dangerous. To answer the popular question of "how much masturbation, or masturbating how many times a day is fine", medical scientists say that men shouldn't masturbate more than three or four times in a week. Excessive masturbation can lead to several complications, driving the body to act in a particular fashion.

Masturbating too much leads to hormonal changes in the body. The effects of hormonal changes depend on the extent to which one overindulges in masturbation. The side effects of excess masturbation can be determined quite starkly, with the body undergoing both physical and mental changes.

What Is Masturbation?

Masturbation refers to the act of self-stimulating your genitals in a sexual way to the point of reaching an orgasm. Masturbation is common among men and women. Experts and researchers have agreed that masturbation is a completely normal process for all human beings and is considered a healthy sexual behaviour.

However, there are harmful side effects for masturbation in men if done in excessively.

1. Loss Of Energy

One of the side effects of masturbation is the loss of physical and mental energy [1] . If you've realized, masturbation uses up a lot of your energy. Excessive and frequent masturbation takes a toll on a man's health as his physical energy is lost. There is a feeling of tiredness, dullness, and drowsiness always, poor concentration, absolute weakness in the penis and a wrinkled face with a prematurely aged look.

2. Gets You Addicted

Addiction to masturbation can result in scores of biological changes in the body and also the habit makes you deprive yourself off the true pleasures and indulgences in the outer world. A man can understand when he is addicted to masturbation is when he's tempted to play with his genitals and there is no amount of control of these sudden rushes.

3. Decrease In Sexual Sensitivity

Masturbation in excess can affect sensitivity during sex due to their technique. Holding your penis too tight during masturbation can decrease sensation. Sexual health experts recommend that men should change their technique during masturbation to restore sexual sensitivity. In this way, he can have a good and positive sex life.

4. Causes Headache And Dizziness

The symptoms of excessive masturbation are headache and dizziness. A sex headache happens in the skull and neck during sexual activity. Though this type of a sex headache is rare, study shows that the pain is described as dull, stabbing and throbbing [2] .

5. Leads To Premature Ejaculation

Excessive masturbation is linked with premature ejaculation. Men who masturbate too much find it extremely hard to control the release of sperm while having sex [3] . This can be a put off for your partner. Overstimulation of the penile nerve is largely responsible for premature ejaculation. However, using a lubricant and slowing down the stroking action while masturbating can help delay early or premature ejaculation.

6. Causes Insomnia

The neurochemical that is responsible for sleep is known as melatonin and excessive masturbation leads to depletion in the production of this neurochemical which ultimately leads to insomnia. Extremely frequent masturbation can take a toll on your sleep pattern as you always feel the urge, especially at night. So, lessen your masturbation ritual as much as possible.

8. Hair Loss

Excessive masturbation causes hair loss in men. Masturbation increases testosterone, which in turn escalates the levels of a hormone linked to hair loss known as DHT (dihydrotestosterone). So, if you masturbate more than 6-7 times a week and see yourself losing hair, lessen it down and you will see the changes. If your hair is still thinning out, consult a sexologist.

9. Disrupts Your Daily Life

Excessive masturbation disrupts a man's daily life as it makes them miss work or important social events, affects his responsibilities and relationships and makes him escape from relationship issues and real-life experiences. All these interrupts a person's daily functioning routine so, reduce your sexual pleasure in order to function your life.

Other side effects of masturbation include sperm weakness or loss, sexual exhaustion, and other general body weaknesses.

Why Do Men Masturbate?

Researchers have found that men see masturbation as part of their normal sexual development [4] . Masturbation is mainly considered a good form of sexual release. Masturbation benefits those men who aren't sexually active or want to avoid relationships. For men it is like a safe sex as there is no need for protection or risk of sexually transmitted infections.

Can A Man Injure Himself While Masturbating?

If you masturbate aggressively and frequently too hard, there is a risk of soreness, cuts or bruising. Also, while masturbating ensure that your erect penis isn't violently twisted as it could damage the penis. Masturbation isn't safe when a man touches the genitals of an infected person and then touches his genitals as it may lead to sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

Also masturbating in a face-down position while sitting exerts more pressure on the penis, which may further injure it. Instead, lie on your back or stand while you masturbate. Avoid squeezing the penis too hard while ejaculating, to prevent the flow of semen as this can damage the nerves and blood vessels in the penis and will force the flow of semen to the urinary bladder.

How Can A Man Know That He Is Masturbating Excessively?

  • It causes distress.
  • To escape from stress, you are masturbating multiple times a day.
  • Injuring yourself by rubbing aggressively.
  • You are too busy pleasuring yourself that you have hardly any time for your friends and family.
  • Experiencing pain in your penis every time you do it.

Treatment For Excessive Masturbation

Consult a general doctor who may refer you to a psychiatrist or counsellor. As you consult a psychiatrist or counsellor, it will help you to regulate and divert your energies in a productive way and gradually stir you away from aggressive and excessive masturbation.

In addition, depending on your symptoms and general health conditions, medications might be prescribed.

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