Medicinal Uses Of Onion Juice

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Onions are present in almost any kitchen as a major ingredient. It is true that a hike in onion prices has left us grasping for breath. However, it only goes to show how we are dependent on onions. Onion juice has several uses apart from culinary ones. The medicinal uses of onion juice increases its value as a spice manifold.

Onion juice is a natural Ayurvedic healer. The medicinal uses of onions extend to almost every part of the body. Onion juice can be used to cure many difficult diseases like jaundice, and even fight cancer. Health benefits of onion include anti-inflammatory properties that helps to soothe aches and pains in the body. Onions are also anti-fungal and anti-bacterial; thus they can heal infections.

Onion juice is one of the best cures for heat strokes. Apart from your health, the medicinal uses of onions also cover your beauty aspects. For example, onions help get rid of dandruff from the hair. Onion juice is also an instant cure for acne because onions contain sulphur.

Here are the some of the medicinal uses of onion juice.


Cures Cough

Onion juice, ginger essence and tulsi is a herbal cure for cough. If you have dry cough and allergies, then you must drink this medicinal juice every morning.


Fights Cancer

Onion has potent antioxidants that helps to fight the cancerous cells in the body. Raw onion juice is one of the best ways to prevent cancer growth.


Protects Against Heat Stroke

A heat stroke can be extremely dangerous if it is not treated immediately. To combat the wrath of the Indian summers, apply onion pulp juice on your feet and behind your neck. It has a cooling effect on the whole body.


Home Remedy For Jaundice

Soak 4 quarters of onion and lemon juice overnight. The next morning, have this juice with salt and a dash of pepper. This is one of the age old home remedies for jaundice even before medicines came into the picture.


Stops Nose Bleeds

Excessive body heat can sometimes cause nose bleeding. At this point of time, pour 3-4 drops of onion juice into your nose. Onion is a diuretic and the bleeding will stop.


Gets Rid Of Dandruff

Onion has sulphur which is excellent for curing scalp related problems. Applying onion juice on the scalp helps get rid of dandruff naturally.


Helps With Cold Infections

If you have high fever or caught a nasty cold, onions can help bring down the fever. Apply onion juice on your forehead. This absorbs the heat and brings down the fever.


Cure For Tuberculosis

Raw onion juice is the oldest known cure for tuberculosis germs. These days, we have sophisticated medication for TB. However, you can always drink onion juice as a preventive measure.


Instant Remedy For Acne

Apply onion juice mixed with lemon juice on your pimples. The natural sulphur and anti-inflammatory properties of onion will remedy the acne.


Stops Lose Motions

Lose motions sometimes happen due to stomach heat. Applying crushed onions around the naval can help reduce stomach heat and stop loose motions.


Soothes Skin Infections

If you have any skin infections like eczema, then onion juice is the best natural cure for it. Onion's anti-fungal properties soothe skin infections very quickly.


For Regular Periods

Onion juice mixed with jaggery is a natural and easy way to ensure that you have regular periods.


Arthritis Pain

Heat onion juice with sesame seeds. Then apply this natural mixture on your joints. The anti-inflammatory properties of onion juice help to reduce arthritis pain.


Healing Burns

Onion juice is a quick fix cure for minor burns. Onion cools the burns, prevents blisters and doesn't allow the burned skin to fester with infections.


Kidney Stones

A mixture of lukewarm onion juice and sugar helps to dissolve and reduce the size of kidney stones.

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Story first published: Saturday, August 24, 2013, 9:02 [IST]
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