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Health Benefits Of Blood Donation

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We all know about blood donation. We have seen many advertisements where people ask to donate blood. Well, donating blood saves a lot of lives. But, we all take this activity as a social task. Very few people know that there are health benefits of donating blood. Apart from giving mental peace, donating blood has some benefits for the body.

We have heard that donating blood is not good especially for women. Well, the truth is that donating blood is actually good and healthy for the body. Want to know how. Check out..

Health benefits of blood donation:

Blood Donation

Balances iron levels: This is one of the best health benefit of blood donation. According to many research studies, it has been found out that many people have more levels of iron that is consumed through foods. So, to balance the iron levels in the body, it is good to donate blood. Having too much iron in the blood can be harmful for the heart. To prevent cardiovascular diseases, it is good to donate blood at times. Menstruating women balance the iron levels through periods (menstruation). However men , and women after menopause need to balance the iron levels in their body. After donating blood, the doctor takes a test to check so that the iron levels do not go down.

Health check up: Before donating blood, the donor's history is checked. Even the doctors do some basic tests to see if the blood can be donated or not. So, it is one of the excuses to get yourself checked. Through this test, you can find out if you are healthy or not. This way, you can be made aware of the health concerns that are effecting your body.

Reduces cancer risks: Lower levels of iron in the body reduces the risks of developing cancer symptoms. Chances of suffering from cancer especially colon, lung, liver, throat and lung cancer are lower if you donate blood.

Controls high blood pressure: This is one of the health benefits of blood donation. When you donate blood, the volume of blood is balanced. This prevents the increase in blood pressure. So, a healthy heart is good to prevent cardiovascular diseases.

Reduces cholesterol: Our blood cells contain cholesterol. Both bad and good cholesterol is found in the red blood cells. One of the health benefits of donating blood is that it helps reduce the cholesterol levels.

Helps overcome blood loss: When you donate blood, it takes 4-8 for the body to replenish the blood loss. The red blood cells fill the gap. Till then, your body adjusts to this replenishment. So, if you lose some blood in an accident or injury, your body can cope with the loss.

These are few health benefits of blood donation. Men can donate blood every 3 months whereas women can donate every 4 months. But, make sure you consult your doctor before you go for it.

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Story first published: Tuesday, January 8, 2013, 6:46 [IST]
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