14 Herbs For Diabetic Patients

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Can herbs or supplements help you control your diabetes? These herbs for diabetes which have been enlisted below will promise to lower your blood sugar level in the body and also help to boost your insulin sensitivity. These herbs for diabetes will also reduce the high blood pressure and cholesterol.

When one has been diagnosed with diabetes, it is always necessary to consult with the doctor as to what he/she needs to take depending on the type of diabetes. Before you add a new pill or a new ingredient to your diet, consulting a doctor is very essential for you. Diabetes is a disease where in which h one must be careful what to eat, how much to consume and when to eat. This is because what you eat takes a toll on your body's blood sugar level and metabolism. It is also vital that diabetic patient check the sugar level every month on a mandatory level so that one is aware as to how much sugar to consume or not to consume.

There are a number of diabetic medications which are available in the market to help control your blood sugar level. But natural ways is always the best for one to follow. These herbs for diabetes will help keep you healthy and eventually control your sugar level in the body.



These herbs is normally used in Indian cooking. The use of fenugreek is used to lower blood sugar levels in the body and increases the insulin sensitivity. It also helps to reduce high cholesterol. The reason as to why fenugreek herb is good for diabetic patients is because the seeds contain amino acids which appears to boost the release of insulin.



Bilva is yet another herb which is good for diabetic patients. It has properties which will is effective to regulate the blood sugar and to help combat diabetic complications.



This herb, haridra helps to balance the levels of insulin in the body. Haridra herb is also good for skin care.


Bitter gourd leaves

Known as one of the most bitter vegetables, this gourd is very beneficial for diabetic patients. It helps simulate the pancreas, liver and the spleen to perform well in a diabetic patient. This herb for diabetes also regulates the blood sugar level in the body.



Ginkgo biloba is used by herbalists to treat the side effects of diabetes. It helps to increase the blood flow to the limbs and to the eyes. This herb for diabetes also helps to prevent diabetic retinopathy.



If a diabetic patient consumes bilberry herb on a daily diet it will help to lower blood sugar in the body. The herb contains powerful antioxidants in its fruit and leaves which is good to consume.


Gymnema Sylvestre

This is a herb which is commonly known as sugar destroyer. It is said that this herb for diabetes helps to reduce the ability to detect sweetness. It is also regarded as one of the most powerful herbs for blood-sugar control. It works by boosting the activity of enzymes which helps cells to use glucose or by stimulating the production of insulin.


Bitter melon

Have you heard of bitter melon? This name is apt as it is indeed a very bitter herb for diabetic patients. The herb helps cells use glucose more effectively and block sugar absorption in the intestine.


Prickly pear cactus

The ripe fruit of this cactus has been shown in some small studies to lower blood sugar ­levels. However, the leaves of this fruit is also good for diabetic patients as it contains components which work similarly to insulin.



It is known for its immune-boosting and disease-fighting benefits. However, this herb for diabetes slows carbohydrate absorption and helps to increase the cells' ability to use glucose thereby increasing the insulin secretion from the pancreas.



This herb for diabetes regulates the level of sugar in the body. Diabetic patients should consume this herb at least twice in a week if your levels are high. It also has a good effect on functioning of the liver and pancreas.



The herb contains Gymnemic Acid where in which the molecular arrangement is similar to that of glucose molecules. Gymnemic Acid molecules fill the receptor locations on the taste buds thereby suppressing all sugar craving.



The bitter neem is one of those herbs which is good for diabetic patients. It regulates the metabolism rate in the body and enhances the insulin receptor sensitivity.


Jamun Leaves

One of the best fruits for diabetes is that of jamun. It is also said that the jamun leaves are good for diabetic patients as well as it helps to control the frequency of urine and lowering the urine and blood sugar level in the body.

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Story first published: Thursday, August 8, 2013, 16:52 [IST]
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