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5 Easy Ways To Increase Your Intelligence

There is no one on this Earth who would not want to be more intelligent than he or she presently is. The trouble is that we think that intelligence is something that we are born with, and thus it can hardly be gained or lost. This is a myth that needs correction. You may be brilliant in studies but lack social intelligence; does that make you dumb? There are many types of intelligence and they can be acquired.

You can increase your intelligence if you know how you can improve your brain. Here are some of the things that help you improve your brain and keep it in good working condition.

Ways To Increase Intelligence:

1. Sleep Well And Rest Enough: Sleep and rest are not always synonymous with each other. You can wake up from an 8 hours0 sleep and feel like you have not rested at all. Your body must rest when you are sleeping. If you do not wake up refreshed from your sleep then you will not be able to concentrate on anything. You are at your least intelligence when you are tired. For example, you do badly at work when you have not slept well at night.

2. Put On Your Running Shoes: Most of us wake up late on weekends but we always wake up with the intent to work out. Eventually, by the time we can find our sports shoes, half the day is gone. Sloth is the biggest enemy of your intelligence. So, not let lethargy decapitate your body because it will eventually deactivate your mind. Increase your stamina by going for a jog everyday and your intelligence will increase automatically.

3. Do Not Be Passive Television Addicts: There is a very valid reason for calling the televison an Idoit Box. It spews out rubbish and we swallow it without question. It is remarkable how we are willing to make fools of ourselves by passively consuming dumb content thrown at us. The more you watch silly things like daily soaps that do not encourage you to use your brain, the dumber you will become. The mind is like a knife; if you stop using it, the edges lose their sharpness.

4. Eat Brain Foods: Nowadays, we are only interested in food that can help us lose weight. Come out of this obsession with your body, and eat foods that help your mind become sharper. Almonds, nuts, whole grains, eggs and sea fish are some of the best brain foods available to you. They can easily fit into your low calorie diet with a bit of conscious effort.

5. Challenge Yourself: You may be exceptional in terms of your intelligence quotient but never be complacent with your smartness. To improve your brain, you must constantly challenge yourself. The best way to do this is through puzzles, word games and memory games.

What you basically need to increase your intelligence is to have a healthy lifestyle and an energetic life.

Story first published: Tuesday, June 26, 2012, 15:05 [IST]
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