Common Side Effects Contact Lenses

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Side Effects Contact Lenses
Contact lens is an easy option to avoid wearing big framed glasses. Many people do not prefer wearing spectacles as they feel the frame hides their face and looks ugly. In worst cases, a person feels like a geek. This is the reason why people opt for contact lenses. Well, wearing lenses can make you look gorgeous but, there are few side effects of wearing lenses regularly.

Side effects of contact lenses:

Hygiene: Eyes are very sensitive. If you do not keep hygiene to maintain your lenses, you will end up suffering from an eye infection. To avoid facing the side effects of wearing contact lenses, you should maintain them with proper lens hygiene. For example, clean the lens with solution every time before and after wearing, change your lens every 6 months, etc.

Burning eyes: When you try to set these plastic or silicon lens inside your eyes, you feel a burning sensation instantly. Eyes are very sensitive. If a small dust particle enters, it becomes red. What will happen when you try to put lens? The inflammation is felt but, it is temporary. You can also get bumps on the eyelids and these swollen eyelid are painful. These bumps can make it difficult to wear lens till they heal.

Dry eyes: Tear evaporation or the dry tear glands make the eyes itchy and dry. This is more common side effect that is felt when you wear contact lenses for a long time. You might feel some inflammation in your eyes after taking out the lens. This is due to the dryness that these lenses cause in your eyes.

Fluid deposit: Intraocular fluid from the lens gets deposit on the retina. This fluid can lead to eye infections. This is more common when you wear soft lenses daily, as they are flexible and the fluid doesn't come out easily after washing with the solution.

Allergy: One of the side effects of contact lenses is eye allergy. Some people are allergic to contact lenses but they are unaware of it. After putting the lenses, the eyes will become red. This hypersensitivity can be due to the lens solution that affects the eyes.

These are few common side effects of wearing contact lens. Do you suffer from any other problem after wearing lens? Share with us.

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