Do You Have Non-Specific Back Pain?

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Non Specific Back Pain
Do you suffer from lower back pains that disappear as suddenly as they appear? Then you are probably suffering from the latest modern epidemic, non-specific back pain. This is a special kind of back pain that has no cause or rather the cause is undiagnosed. You could say that 80 percent of back pain cases belong to this type. Now you could take this as a good thing as well as a bad thing.

The only good part about having non-specific back pain is that it is not permanent and it is not a serious disorder. You do not experience this kind of pain due to nerve disorders or bone dislocation. However, it can be very disturbing to be unaware of the cause of your backache. In both the ways, it is necessary to understand the facts of non- specific lower back pain.

Facts About Non-Specific Back Pain:

1. Almost everyone experiences this kind of back pain in their lives. The severity varies from person to person, but you cannot find an individual who has never experienced sudden and unexplained back pain.

2. The most typical thing about this kind of back pain is that it has no recognised cause. You will wake up with a sore back one day, it will trouble you for a week or so and then disappear in an unexplained way just the way it appeared.

3. The cause of sudden back pain is usually something very simple like a strained muscle or a stress in your bones. It is very commo to get a catch in your back while lifting a heavy weight or bending awkwardly.

4. The biggest problem with non-specific back pain is that almost everybody seems to have it these days. Our unhealthy lifestyle is one of teh main causes of such unexplained back pain. Most often, this kind of lower back pain is caused due to lifestyle problems such as lack of exercise, long hours of traveling in the traffic and improper sitting and sleeping postures.

Symptoms Of Non-Specific Back Pain:

1. The pain will never last for more than a week or so. If it does, then it is not non-specific back pain. It has a definite cause and you must see a doctor to diagnose it.

2. The pain never travels to your chest or down to your thighs. Back pain that travels elsewhere to your body can be dangerous. It could be a sign of an impending heart attack!

3. The pain will not be constant. If you rest your back by lying down continuously for few days whenever your back pains or apply a pain reliever, then the pain should disappear for the time being. Chronic back pain always has a very specific cause.

4. Numbness or lack of sensation indicates nerve disorders. This symptom will rule out the possibility of no specific back pain. You need to investigate this in the lines of a spinal cord disorder.

Almost all adults suffer from non-specific back pain. So, learn to identify this problem before it becomes an epidemic.

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