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7 Low Calorie Fast Foods To Start With

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Well most of us are in love with fast foods. But we are used to hearing and believing the fact that it is unhealthy. Trust me, not all fast foods are unhealthy. Many people opt for fast food choices instead of homemade food out of compulsion. If you have to eat outside why not go for some healthy fast food choices.

There are some low calorie fast food items that you can go for. Wonder what these might be? Well to know go on reading.

Low Calorie Fast Foods

Grilled Food- Grilled food be it chicken or any other food item is always healthy as it has less calorie content than fried food. Deli sandwiches or grilled chicken sandwiches on bread without cheese can be an ideal choice among low calorie foods.

Raw Options- As soon as you open a restaurant menu go over the side dishes instead of the main course menu. You can easily opt for green salads without a cheesy dressing to cut your calorie intake. Even food like 'sushi' which is made with raw fish is a healthy fast food option to avail.

Baked Food- Any kind of baked food is an amazing option among low calorie foods. You can have fast foods like baked potato chips, baked potato with vegetable fillings and so on. Even cakes and baked non vegetarian items like fish or chicken are ideal fast foods. They provide high food nutrition in spite of being low in calorie content.

Sausages- Chicken, tofu and turkey sausages lower on the calorie scale than hot dogs. So when ever you are in a mood for sausage feasting go over these low calorie foods. When you have a sausage sandwich with any one of these, opt for a mustard sauce and not mayonnaise dressing.

Steamed Food- Some Chinese or Tibetan dishes like momos are steamed and provides high fast food nutrition. This is one of the most awesome fast foods. The crust is made of steamed flour and it is stuffed with steamed vegetables or meat inside.

Thin Crust Pizzas- Well there is no need to think that you need to drop eating pizzas just to cut low your calorie intake. You just need to avoid cheesy pizzas and have a healthy ones instead. Order for a thin crust pizza with plenty of vegetable toppings and less cheese. You may also add some grilled chicken to your pizza if you wish.

Beverages- Are you in complete love with aerated drinks like Coke and Pepsi? To cut calories you need to shed this love. But wait, for there is another option available. Go for diet drinks as they are now available in almost all the aerated company brands.

Snack on these healthy fast foods options without causing any damage to your health.

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Story first published: Thursday, June 28, 2012, 15:06 [IST]
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