Embarrassing Health Problems Of Men

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Two among 5 men suffer from health problems that are very embarrassing. You prefer suffering from it and do not find out solutions or treatment to these embarrassing health problems. Why? Because you are shy or love to be silent about few health issues. Men unlike women do not visit the doctor when they suffer from health issues. They either take it lightly or do not bother at all. However, delaying or keeping it to oneself will not only make you uncomfortable but also damage your health. If you detect a health problem rising up, you should consult a doctor immediately as they are easy to treat.

Now what are these embarrassing health problems of men? Is it serious? Is it curable? Find out all answers to your questions.

Embarrassing Health Problems Of Men

Embarrassing health problems of men and their cure:

Premature ejaculation: Like constipation or upset stomach, this is also a common health problem of men. Do not feel embarrassed as a majority of men suffer from this health problem. Men do not get the strength to talk about this heath issue with anyone. Erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation occurs due to unhealthy lifestyle, stress, smoking and alcohol. If you are shy to consult a lady doctor, visit a male doc and get the treatment. Sitting at home shy and hurt will not help as erectile dysfunction is one of the symptoms of heart problems and other diseases.

Excessive urination: Most of the men feel that they urinate a lot and this is wasting their time at work. Men do not know why they pee so much and desire to discuss about it but feel it is embarrassing. Actually, the bladder functions and water content in the body differs from men to men. The more water you drink, the more you will pee. But, if you suddenly start urinating more than before then consult a doctor. Excessive urination can be a symptom of diabetes.

Genital odour: This is another embarrassing health problem of men. Men offer hate the pungent smell that comes from their genitals. The simple cure to this health problem of men is hygiene. Maintain personal hygiene by shaving or trimming down genital hair. Wash and clean the genitals as the odour often forms due to bacteria and can lead to infections. Avoid wearing tight fitting pants or underwear. Prefer cotton undies and loose fitting pants and pyjamas.

Foreskin pain or soreness: This is one of the worst and embarrassing health or rather sexual problems of men. After making love, most of the men suffer from sore and painful foreskin that makes it difficult for them to pee or hold! An overly tight foreskin builds the pain and once you stretch or take it out, it sores and pains. Consult a doctor immediately.

These are few embarrassing health problems of men that they do not discuss. Keeping to yourself can be harmful for you. So, it is better to take the initiative and treat them before it gets too late.

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Story first published: Friday, October 12, 2012, 14:46 [IST]
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