Changes During Ovulation

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Ovulation is a time when the woman is fertile to is also considered as a sign of fertility. Married couples have their best chance to plan a baby when the woman is ovulating. There are many symptoms of ovulation. If a woman pays attention to her body changes, she can make out that she is ovulating.

What is ovulation?

Ovulation is a stage where a woman releases a matured egg that is released from the follicle. This egg develops in the ovary and is released on a monthly basis. Once the egg is released form the follicle, it is capable of fertilising (for 24-48 hours) with the male egg and reproduce. This is the best time to get pregnant.

Changes During Ovulation

Changes during ovulation:

Body temperature: During ovulation, the body temperature increases slightly. Ovulation can be for 10-14 days. However, when the egg is released, it is ideal time to make love. The body temperature increases approximately 0.4-0.6 degrees Fahrenheit (about 0.2 degrees Celsius) when the egg is released. It is a symptom of ovulation that can benefit the woman who is planning pregnancy.

Cervical mucus: The cervical mucus discharge is always active. However, during ovulation the mucus discharge increases. It becomes thick, more clear, white and slippery. During non-fertile days (a week before and after menstruation), the discharge is minimal or absent. During these days, a woman is not fertile as she is not ovulating. It is an easy symptom that can help you detect if you are ovulating or not. Take a toilet paper and use clean fingers to check if you are ovulating or not. Prior to ovulation, the consistency of the cervical mucus will increase and become more watery.

Tender breasts: This is one of the physical changes that occurs when the woman is ovulating. During ovulation, the breasts become tender. Do not get confused with the breast pain and tenderness that occur before menstruation. Tender breasts is also a pre-mentrual symptom that starts during the time of ovulation. This is a change that is not compulsory. Not every woman get tender breasts during ovulation.

Wetness: As the mucus discharge is more during ovulation, the woman will feel more wetness. This can be irritating especially if you get bikini line rashes. Maintain proper hygiene as this wetness can cause infections. Change garments to ensure your genitals are clean. If the discharge stinks or is yellow in colour, consult a doctor.

Heavy stomach: Bloating and water weight is a common change that women face during ovulation. Your stomach will look fat and heavy due to water inside it.

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