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Leg Muscle Cramps
Leg muscle cramps can be gradual or sudden. They can be tolerable or severe but either ways they are a very common pain disorder that people face. The causes for aching legs are various and varied. Thus, muscle cramp remedies are also equally varied. It really depends on why you have leg muscle cramps.

Here are a few home remedies for muscle cramps due to common reasons.

Remedies For Leg Muscle Cramps:

1. Tired legs:

  • This is one of the commonest reasons of leg pain among kids. They play around all day and sometimes overwork their little legs. If your kids complain of leg ache then the best cure for it is usually rest. A good night's sleep will heal their young leg muscles quickly.
  • If leg pain due to tiredness occurs in adults then you probably have a job that involves a lot of running around like a sales job or a journalist's profile. Just resting will not solve your problem; you need some endurance training in the gym to strengthen your muscles.

2. Sore Legs Due to Cold:

  • This happens during the rainy season when you may have to wade around in dirty water on a few occasions. Even otherwise, if you play in water for a long time, like we do when we visit a water park, you may get pins and needles in your leg muscles.
  • Soak your legs in hot water at the end of the day. It applies the concept of fire and ice to cure your leg muscle cramps. Besides it also cleans your feet thoroughly.

3. Sudden Muscle Cramp in the Calves at Night:

  • This condition is more frequently found in older people than kids. This kind of leg pain starts without preamble usually at night when you are lying in bed. It could be a minor muscle cramp in the calves or a paralysing pain that blinds you.
  • The exact cause of it is not known but usually it can be traced back to a deficiency of vital minerals like magnesium, sodium and potassium.
  • The best thing to do when this happens is to stay still for a while and then slowly massage the area of pain with your fingers. In the long run vitamin supplements have to be taken for leg pain relief.

4. Leg Pain due to Strains:

  • Many times we keep our legs in an inappropriate posture while sleeping or even while sitting in office. This can stop the blood supply to a part of your leg causing ache.
  • The best remedy for this kind of muscle cramp is an hot oil massage. When your muscles get tightened due to your awkward posture then massage lukewarm oil in a circular motion to release the tension in your muscles. It is very relaxing and heals the stretches and strains easily.

Leg muscle cramps need immediate addressing because your legs carry the entire load of your body. So don't ignore it.

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Story first published: Monday, September 5, 2011, 14:37 [IST]
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