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Hiccups Causes & Symptoms

If you have ever wondered why you get hiccups then it is time to answer your questions. Hiccups are generally said to occur after a big meal and is caused by a dome-shaped muscle in our chest called the Diaphragm.

The diaphragm does quite an important task during respiration. It pulls the air when we inhale and pushes out when we exhale. Sometimes the muscle gets irritated and results in hiccup. There are a lot of remedies to get rid of hiccups like holding breath, counting 10, eating sugar, drinking more water etc there isn't a proper explanation on the causes. Today lets' brief you more on the causes and symptoms of hiccups. Take a look.

Hiccups Causes And Symptoms-

  • Although there are many conditions associated with hiccups, none are proven to be the cause of hiccups.
  • The diaphragm at stuck down and when the air is sucked into the throat suddenly, it hits the voice box causing a hiccup.
  • When food is had at a fast pace, it even swallows air and ends up in a big hiccup.
  • Eating too many fatty foods and constant drinking of an alcoholic beverage irritates diaphragm and causes hiccups.
  • Sometimes hiccups are thought to act like a reflex to avoid from choking. During that time, the stomach that is adjecent to the diaphragm is distended.
  • One keeps getting hics until the irritable muscle contraction of the diaphragm exists. It may be from a few seconds to few minutes.

When to visit the doctor -

If the hiccups last for hours then the person should see a doctor. The case is not an medical emergency but if there is a severe abdominal pain and if one spits blood, they need seek the doctor's advice.

Story first published: Friday, July 15, 2011, 14:46 [IST]
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