Top 6 Natural Ways To Get Periods On Time

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For some, periods may get delayed from a few days to months. Although one of the reasons for the delay may be pregnancy, there are many other factors. Today, we shall brief you on the factors causing delay and on natural ways to get periods. Take a detailed look.

The delay in menstrual periods may be due to stress, anxiety, grief, depression, bad eating habits, illness, usage of contraceptive pills, sudden weight loss etc. So, all that one needs to do get periods on time is follow the natural remedies.

Top 6 Natural Ways To Get Periods On Time -

1. Eating papaya, grapes and fig will develop heat in the body and fastens the period process.

2. Consuming sesame seeds from the periods due date will regulate flow in a few days.

3. Carrots, bitter gourd, boiled peanuts and corn will stimulate menstruation.

4. Drinking a concoction of the neem bark and banyan tree bark will regularize the cycle.

5. The cumin, coriander seeds and fennel is helpful to get periods on time.

6. For a healthy flow of menstrual blood, eat a lot of curry, ghee mixed in hot water and massage the abdominal region with castor oil.

Also, doing some stretch exercises like squats or pranayam will alleviate the period problems.

Story first published: Wednesday, August 3, 2011, 12:22 [IST]
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