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Contact Lens Safety Tips

By Suparna Chakaraborthy
Tired of bearing the burden of glasses, switch to contact lenses. That is what everyone is doing these days. You need to visit an eye doctor and he tells you the right contact lens you need but it does not end with buying the contsct lens. It is an element which sticks to your eye balls and even a little carelessness can make your eye in stake. To make your eye contact lens safe to wear you need to follow certain guidelines.

Contact Lens safety tips -

1. One of the first contact lens safety tips is to avoid wearing coloured contact lens. According to a report by FDA, we should stop the use of coloured lens, as they reduce the amount of oxygen being passed in the cornea. This may lead to several eye problems and infections.

2. The second most important part of the contact lens safety tips is to use a proper solution. The best contact lens solution is ones with no added preservatives. Check your solution for this.

3. The second contact lens safety tip is to avoid contact with chemicals like cosmetics, doedorants, blow dryers etc. These chemicals damage the lens and the reaction happens in the form of eye infections. In case of eye makeup, the lens should be worn only after the eye makeup is finished.

4. Hygeine is one of the most important aspect. Doctors recommend that the contact lens should be cleaned once a week and the case should be changed every three months.
5. Wash you hands throughly, before touching the lens and preferably dont use scented soaps. Medicated soaps are the best solution,

6. Remove your lens when dusting, amidst pollution and smoke. All of it can lead to eye irritations and result in serious eye injuries.

Follow these six contact lens safety tips to save yours eyes from pink eye, allergies and cornea damage.

Story first published: Tuesday, April 26, 2011, 16:47 [IST]