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Stay Healthy, The Barbie Way

By Staff

Barbie will soon turn 50 on the 9th of March. To mark the birthday of the iconic doll, a researcher takes a sneak in to what the doll might have to do in-order to maintain her hour-glass figure.

The doll stands 11 inches tall and has more careers than most people might have clothes. Barbie is branded as a poster child for what you might look like if you took good care of yourself by Cindy Haines, M.D., a family doctor and clinical assistant professor of family and community medicine at Saint Louis University.

"While Barbie probably has been blessed with good genes, she has obviously paid attention to her health and focused ahead to do what she can to prevent health problems. You can tell that she's an excellent patient and puts a health at the top of her priority list," Haines said.

"Having been a tennis player, aerobics instructor, equestrian, lifeguard, ballet dancer, and gymnast, Barbie loves to exercise and has washboard abs and a tiny waist to prove it. She knows that regular, weight bearing activity is one of the best things you can do to keep your bones strong and stave off osteoporosis," the expert added

"Barbie's been a McDonald's cashier, candy saleswoman and a soda fountain waitress, but likely rejects most food sold on the job", Haines said.

"She probably loves the Mediterranean diet, which is rich in fruits and vegetables that contain a high ratio of antioxidants to combat aging. Because she watches what she eats and exercises, her cholesterol levels likely are on target, and she probably doesn't have to take medication," the expert said.

She goes on to say that Barbie might enjoy a cocktail sometimes, but she never smokes. "You can tell because her skin is nice and firm, she has long luxurious hair and bright, white teeth. And on the inside, I suspect her heart is strong, her arteries plaque-free and her lungs are clear," she said.

Though the beautiful doll never married to have kids, she always surrounds herself with loved ones. "Numerous studies show that staying socially connected and living up to your potential can help ward off dementia, so Barbie is doing what she can to stay mentally healthy," Haines said.

However, Haines says that Barbie might have got a slight plastic surgery or a cosmetic job done to defy gravity and look her best. "She may have had some fillers. There are definitely things you can do to make slight tweaks in your appearance," she said.


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Story first published: Thursday, March 5, 2009, 13:59 [IST]
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