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From Treating Ulcers To Managing Diabetes, Some Amazing Health Benefits Of Mango Flowers

Mango is a medicinal tree whose different parts such as fruits, leaves, bark and flowers have different health benefits. Mango fruits are widely consumed around the world, mainly due to their sweet aroma and delicious taste.

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However, not many are aware that the flowers of mango trees also have many benefits to the human body. Though the whitish-red or yellowish-green mango flowers may not be available all around the season, it is best to consume them as early as possible.

Here are the details on the nutrition and health benefits of mango flowers.

Nutrients In Mango Flowers

Some of the vital polyphenols in mango flowers include gallic acid, quercetin, mangiferin and ellagic acid, along with amino acids like alanine, threonine and tryptophan. [1]

Other essential active compounds in mango flowers include dihydrogallic acid and ethyl, methyl, n-pentyl, n-propyl, n-octyl 4-phenyl and 6-phenyl-n-hexyl gallate.

They also yield an important oil that contains linalool, elemene, humulene and many others. [2]

The aforementioned are phenolic compounds which are potent antioxidants and are responsible for treating and preventing various diseases.

Health Benefits Of Mango Flowers

1. Treats eczema

Eczema is a skin condition that makes the skin red and itchy. Some Ayurvedic studies say that a boiled solution of mango flowers mixed with sugar and water can help relieve eczema symptoms to a great extent.

2. Treats mouth ulcers

A study has shown that a decoction of mango flowers can be used as an antiulcer agent. The study adds that when mango flower decoction is taken orally up to a dose of 5 g/kg, there are no signs of toxicity in animals like mice and rats. Mango flowers can help accelerate the healing process of gastric and mouth ulcers and help in their treatment. [3]

3. Aids toothache

Gallate compounds in mango flowers are known to possess anti-inflammatory properties. It may help relieve the pain caused due to inflammation of the gums and help aid toothache. Some anecdotal studies say that drinking water from boiled mango flowers may help relieve the toothache, along with making the teeth and gums become stronger.

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4. May help manage diabetes

Various parts of a mango tree, including mango flowers, contain an essential compound mangiferin which is known to have anti-diabetic effects. A study says that mangiferin is an effective remedy in the treatment and management of diabetes and its related complications by improving insulin sensitivity and reducing cholesterol levels. [4] Some studies say to consume dried and crushed mango flowers powder with a glass of water daily in the morning on an empty stomach to manage glucose levels.

5. Improves digestive system

According to Ayurveda, mango flowers are known to have coolant properties and can help in the management of digestive fires, thus treating digestive related conditions like heartburn and chronic diarrhoea. To treat these conditions, it is suggested to consume a water stew of mango flowers.

Other Less Evidence-Based Health Benefits Of Mango Flowers

1. A mixture of mango and pomegranate flowers grind with water and cow milk is known to help remove phlegm within three days of consumption.
2. Tea made with mango flowers can help improve the functions of the brain and the heart due to large amounts of tannins.
3. Mango flower powder mixed with cumin seeds powder is known to treat haemorrhoids.
4. Dried mango flowers can be used as mosquito repellents and keep away diseases like dengue and malaria.
5. Mango flowers are used medicinally as haematinic (helps in the formation of blood cells) and styptic (wound healing).
6. Mango flowers may help stop nose bleeds which are prevalent during the summer season.

How To Consume Mango Flowers

One of the best ways to consume mango flowers is by boiling them. The flowers can also be soaked overnight and consumed in the morning after properly squeezing them.

One must keep in mind that though mango flowers are edible, they may cause allergies in some people. Avoid its consumption if you notice any allergic symptoms such as itching or rashes.

To Conclude

Mango flowers have many therapeutic properties. Though it is beneficial for human health, one must consult a medical expert before the consumption to know more about its dosage and side effects.

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