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Kinnow Fruit Vs Orange: Which Is More Beneficial For You?

By Varsha Pappachan

As children, most of us would have consumed oranges, which is also known as the vitamin C-rich fruit. Even as adults, many of us may be fond of it mainly due to the tangy sweet taste, the variety of nutrients and the low-calorie content with natural sugars that it offers. But, are we aware of another similar citrus fruit called Kinnow, which is from the same citrus family as Orange and offers almost similar benefits? Let us discuss about it!

What is Kinnow?

Kinnow or Kinoo or Kinu is a high yield mandarin citrus fruit that is extensively and majorly grown in the Punjab regions of India as well as Pakistan. Being a hybrid of two citrus cultivators called as Citrus nobilis or the 'King' and Citrus deliciosa, or "Willow Leaf", the Kinnow was released in the year 1935 as a new hybrid in the citrus type for commercial cultivation. Within India, Kinnow is also grown in Himachal Pradesh, Haryana, Rajasthan, Jammu and Kashmir and Uttar Pradesh.

Benefits of Kinnow:

Following are some of the health benefits that the Kinnow fruit is known to offer:

1. An anti-toxic fruit: It works as an anti-toxic ingredient to help the body get rid of any kind of poisonous elements to maintain its healthy constitution.

2. Good for skin: Being rich in the essential nutrients, it also helps keep the skin healthy by promoting anti-ageing properties.

3. Boosts metabolism: It is very helpful in improving the metabolism by curing any sort of stomach-related issues by aiding digestion.

4. Helps with acidity and constipation: Cures acidity and constipation.

5. Good for immunity: Helps stimulate the immune system due to presence of vitamin C.

6. Excellent for blood pressure: Lowers the blood pressure because of the presence of a plant compound that is water-soluble.

7. Anti-inflammatory: Reduces inflammation in the body due to its anti-inflammatory properties.

8. Balances cholesterol: Helps balance the cholesterol level by reducing the bad cholesterol and increases the good cholesterol in the blood.

Benefits Of Orange

Being a powerhouse of vitamins and minerals, the orange fruit offers many benefits. Some of them are listed below:

1. Prevents diabetes: Being rich in natural sugars, along with a low calorie content, the orange may be consumed on a daily basis and can assuredly help balance the sugar levels.

2. Reduces the risks of joint-issues or arthritis: Being anti-inflammatory, orange is an excellent choice to reduce the risk of arthritis or any joint-related issues.

3. Aids digestion: The high fiber content in orange makes it a brilliant option to ease the overall digestion.

4. Prevents cancer: Due to the presence of a compound called D-linonene, orange is good to help prevent cancer.

5. Development of the brain function: Regular consumption of orange helps boost the brain development due to the folic acid in it.

6. Losing weight: Orange can help lose weight, since having it makes one feel full, that promotes unwillingness to eat anything else.

7. Good cure for viral infections: Orange consists of flavonoids and polyphenols that help the body fight viral infections.

8. Brilliant for skin: Orange peels can help with many skin-related issues such as dark spots, blemishes, blackheads, dull skin, etc., if topically applied in the raw, paste or juice form.

9. Excellent for hair: Orange juice or orange peel juice are good remedies to condition the hair, get rid of dandruff problem or even for hair growth.

10. Good for vision: Orange helps improve the vision.

Comparison Of Kinnow With Orange

Although Kinnow is quite similar to Orange in the appearance as well as many other attributes, there are certainly many aspects that differentiate both the fruits from each other. Because of these similarities as well as differences, one of them is judged as being slightly better than the other. Read on to find out which of them is better!

Major Differences Between Kinnow And Orange

Both are orange coloured with citrus quality, thick peel and consist of seeds. However, all these attributes may still be slightly different to the consumer. For instance, the Kinnow may be dark orange coloured, larger in size and may have higher juice content with at least 20-25 seeds.

An orange may be orange, smaller in size and may have lesser seed content. For an average consumer, the Orange may be a better option, in terms of the convenience and usability in case juice needs to be extracted from it.

Because of less seeds and comparatively thinner outer peel, the orange turns out to be an easy option as compared to a Kinnow. With more seeds, the preparation of Kinnow juice is not an easy task that involves removing the bitterness of seeds from the final product.

Additionally, owing to its loose peel, the Kinnow requires extra care while transporting it from one place to another, since it could easily get damaged. Because of these reasons, the Kinnow is typically priced lower as compared to an orange.

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Therefore, it is easy to conclude that the orange is a better choice with comparatively more benefits to an individual. Although Kinnow is not far behind, but to the average consumer, an orange promises better advantages considering the health benefits and convenience-specific factors.

Story first published: Friday, May 4, 2018, 18:30 [IST]
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