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10 Health Benefits Of Rock Sugar (Mishri) You Should Know

By Neha
Mishri, Rock sugar, मिश्री | Health benefits | सिर्फ मीठा ही नहीं, दवा भी है मिश्री | Boldsky

Rock sugar, which is commonly called mishri, is an unrefined form of sugar. It is used in culinary and medicinal purposes and is made from crystallized and flavoured sugar. Rock sugar is less sweeter than refined sugar, which is a tasty variation compared to traditional white sugar.

Mishri, or rock sugar, is made from the solution of sugarcane and the sap of the palm tree. This palm sugar, which is found in the form of mishri, is loaded with a number of nutrients.

Rock sugar is very rich in essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids. An important vitamin, which is vitamin B12, is mostly found in non-vegetarian diet, and it is also found in mishri in a good content.
These tiny forms of rock sugar are said to be quite a healthful candy. Mishri is not just a healthier substitute to table sugar but has some health benefits too. Have a look.

1. Fresh Breath

Bad breath can occur due to the bacteria sitting inside your gums for longer hours if you don't brush or rinse your mouth after having a meal. Rock sugar or mishri maintains fresh breath when you eat them after a meal. It ensures the freshness in the mouth and breath.


2. Relieves Cough

Cough can occur when your throat is attacked by germs or when you have a fever. Mishri contains medicinal properties that can relieve you from cough instantly. Take mishri and slowly suck it in your mouth, this will bring relief to your persistent cough.


3. Good For Sore Throat

Cold weather can cause several health problems, including sore throat as well. Rock sugar is a quick-fix for curing sore throat. Just mix mishri with black pepper powder and ghee and consume it at night.


4. Boosts Haemoglobin Levels

People suffering from low haemoglobin levels may also suffer from problems like anaemia, pale skin, dizziness, fatigue and weakness among others. Rock sugar comes to the rescue by increasing haemoglobin levels, but also regenerates blood circulation in the body.


5. Helps In Digestion

Rock sugar is not only used as a mouth freshener but also helps in digestion when had with fennel seeds. It has digestive properties that start the process of digestion immediately. So, to prevent indigestion, consume a few pieces of mishri after a meal.


6. Energy Booster

Rock sugar has a refreshing taste, which provides an energy boost when had after a meal. After a meal, you tend to become sluggish; but mishri will boost up your energy. Consume mishri with fennel seeds to prevent your sluggish mood.


7. Stops Nose Bleeding

You will be surprised to know that mishri actually helps in stopping the nose bleeding immediately, which is quite a common condition. If you are having a bleeding nose, consume mishri pieces with water and it will stop the bleeding.


8. Good For The Brain

Mishri is also used as a natural medicine for the brain. Rock sugar helps to improve memory and release mental fatigue. Mix rock sugar with warm milk and drink it before going to bed. This will work as a good natural remedy for improving memory.


9. Useful For Lactating Mothers

Mishri, or rock sugar, is known to be useful for lactating mothers. It is because it works as an anti-depressant and increases the production of breast milk. And mishri is less sweet and it will not harm the mother in any way.


10. Improves Vision

Mishri is very good for the eyesight. To prevent poor vision and formation of cataract in the eyes, consume mishri more often. Drink mishri water after a meal or sip it throughout the day to maintain and improve your eyesight.

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Story first published: Monday, January 29, 2018, 16:00 [IST]