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10 Health Benefits Of Cottage Cheese Or Paneer

Almost in every type of Indian cooking, cottage cheese or paneer is used. Cottage cheese or paneer as it's most commonly called is a favourite among the vegetarians. Cottage cheese is used in any gravy or dry preparation and is used for making desserts too.

Paneer is formed when casein, a milk protein, reacts to acids like vinegar or lime and coagulates. This protein is excellent for body-builders, athletes and various sports enthusiasts because casein is a protein which is digested slowly.

Paneer or cottage cheese consists of many nutrients like vitamin D, vitamin A, iron, calcium, manganese, potassium, phosphorous, sodium, selenium and zinc.

The high protein content in cottage cheese helps in weight loss and provides the body with fat and protein.

Let us have a look at the health benefits of cottage cheese or paneer.

1. Prevents Breast Cancer

Cottage cheese or paneer is known to reduce the risk of breast cancer. Do you know why? Because paneer contains calcium and vitamin D that are shown to reduce the risk of breast cancer, which mostly occurs in pre-menopausal women.


2. Strengthens Teeth And Bones

Cottage cheese is rich in calcium, which can fulfil 8 percent of the daily recommended value. Calcium is required for strengthening the bones, teeth and it ensures a smooth nerve functioning and healthy heart muscles.


3. Rich In Protein

Paneer has a high amount of protein and especially cow's milk is rich in protein. 100 grams of paneer contains 11 grams of protein, which is good for vegetarians, as they do not consume any meat products.


4. Good For Pregnant Women

Cottage cheese contains various essential nutrients which makes it a wonderful dairy product for pregnant mothers. Pregnant mothers also require calcium and phosphorous present in paneer, which Are recommended during pregnancy.


5. Boosts Weight Loss

The high amount of protein content in paneer will keep you satiated for longer hours and will keep hunger pangs at bay. Cottage cheese also contains linoleic acid, which is a fatty acid that further aids in the fat burning process of the body.


6. Maintains Blood Sugar Levels

Cottage cheese is loaded with magnesium, which helps in regulating the blood sugar levels. This ensures proper heart health and improves the immune function. The protein content in paneer helps in slowing down the sugar and prevents a spike in the blood sugar level.


7. Improves Digestion

Cottage cheese prevents indigestion. It's due to the significant amounts of phosphorous which helps in digestion and excretion. It also contains magnesium, which prevents constipation due to the laxative effect.


8. Full Of B-complex Vitamins

Cottage cheese or paneer contains B-complex vitamins which are helpful in performing various functions in the body. The B-complex vitamins include vitamin B12, thiamine, niacin, folate, riboflavin and pantothenic acid.


9. Good For Heart Health

Paneer contains potassium, which helps in maintaining the fluid balance of the body. Since potassium reduces the effects of high sodium in the blood, it lowers blood pressure and the contraction of blood vessels.


10. Rich Source Of Folate

Cottage cheese contains folate, a B-complex vitamin that is required for pregnant mothers. Folate is an essential vitamin which helps in foetal development and plays a crucial part in producing the red blood cells.

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Story first published: Monday, February 19, 2018, 18:16 [IST]
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