10 Health Benefits Of Avocado Oil

By Chandreyee Sen

Cultivated in the Mediterranean regions of the world, avocado has a high commercial value. Its light-green skin with a fleshy body that almost looks like a pear has immense health benefits.

This is one of the healthiest fruits that everyone can eat. If you consume one avocado in a week, then it will enhance your skin, improve blood circulation and also help in maintaining a balance between the hormones.

Besides, in the list of foods for weight loss, avocado falls at the 10th spot. With proper exercise and diet, eating an avocado can indeed help in shedding down the extra kilos from the body.

This is a simple fruit, but its secret lies in the oil. The oil from an avocado contains nearly 77% of the entire caloric composition of an avocado.

Here are the health benefits of avocado oil, take a look.


1. Contains A Good Amount Of Oleic Acid

Avocado oil is a rich source of monounsaturated oleic acid. This is the same oil as the olive oil that you use for salad dressing and cooking.

Studies reveal that oleic acid contains several health benefits such as preventing flaring up of the auto-immune diseases, lowering the potential risk of cancer, healing wounds, speeding up the process of cell regeneration, reducing inflammation both inside and outside of the body, along with helping the body in attacking and eliminating the microbial infections.

Apart from this, oleic acid is extremely resistant to oxidation. This means that it will not go rancid as quickly as any other oil when preserved for a long time. If you want to have stir-fried dishes, you can use avocado oil at high temperature due to its stable nature. This will, however, not reduce the health benefits of the oil.


2. Boosts Up Heart Health

Heart health is a major concern for the individuals today. Avocado oil is a rich source of beta-sitosterol. Our body can use this cholesterol in less conversion of healthy fats, so that less amount of damage is done to the cells.

The oil is anti-inflammatory in nature and it also protects the arterial walls from any damage and reduces the risk of cardiac ailments caused by plaque deposits. Besides, less amount of inflammation leads to stabilizing of the blood pressure level as well.


3. Rich Source Of Vitamin E

Avocado oil is a rich source of vitamin E, which aids in enhancing the eye and skin health and provides a protective shield against oxidative damage to our cells, which is caused by free radicals.

This fat-soluble vitamin oil aids in bolstering the immune system, it sharpens the memory and mental acuity and even increases the efficiency of our digestive tract.


4. Enhances The Digestive System

If you are facing constant trouble with your digestive system, then avocado oil can be your remedy. Adding avocado oil to your everyday food reduces bloating, heartburn, gas formation, indigestion, etc. The presence of monounsaturated fatty acid in the avocado oil helps in digestion of the food easily.

But this is not a one-day remedy. You need to consume it on a regular basis to feel the difference. Besides, regular consumption of avocado oil helps in reducing body weight as well.


5. Burns Down Stored Fat

There is no other remedy than shedding weight via a natural process. Avocado oil can be of potential benefit in this case. The presence of a high amount of oleic acid in avocado oil can burn down the stored fat when consumed, along with following a proper exercise regimen and a proper diet.

It is a nutritive oil which is thick and will satiate your stomach for a longer span of time. Besides, the presence of EFAs and vitamins in avocado aid in improving the digestion and the body receives an adequate amount of energy to undertake physical activities. You can use it for cooking or salad dressing along with vinegar and veggies.


6. Acts As A Detoxifying Agent

Avocado oil also helps in purifying the body by removing the harmful toxins. It is a natural source of super-healthy magnesium known as chlorophyll. The presence of this substance is enough for the removal of heavy metals such as lead and mercury from the brain, liver, kidney, and other organs of the body.

When the chlorophyll molecule comes in contact with the human body, it releases magnesium ion due to the acidic environment of the body. When these chlorophyll molecules form a binding, it prevents the toxins from staying in the organs and removes them with the bowels. You can add avocado oil with cilantro in salad and detoxify your body.


7. Renders A Healthy Skin

If you desire for a flawless and glowing skin, then nothing is better than using avocado oil. The presence of minerals and vitamins in avocado oil nourishes the body from within, and the effect is reflected in the glow of your skin. Daily moisturisation of the skin with avocado oil can generate stronger cells.

Avocado oil is rich in skin nutrients such as potassium, lecithin, and vitamin E. The oil gets easily absorbed by the outer layer of the skin and slowly enters the dermis and renders growth of new cells and thereby protects the existing cells.


8. Aids In Faster Hair Growth

Hair fall, broken and damaged hair are often certain problems that many people face today. Avocado oil can prove to be beneficial for improving the health of your hair and helping it grow faster. The presence of potassium, lecithin, and vitamin E nourishes the hair. In a week, cleanse your hair with water and apply a few drops of avocado oil on the scalp and massage gently. You can even mix the avocado oil with essential oils for the scalp and use it. With regular usage, the structure and appearance of your hair will improve, and it will become healthier and stronger. With time, you will see the growth of new hair strands as well.


9. Lessens Inflammation And Itching

Avocado oil can be a remedy for itching and inflammation caused by sunburn, insect bites, dandruff, eczema, psoriasis, cracked heels, and keratosis pilaris. The presence of monounsaturated oleic acid, when applied on the affected area, can provide much relief.

Due to its thick consistency, it remains in the epidermis for a longer span of time. But before applying it to the affected area, you can apply one or two drops of avocado oil to check whether you are allergic to avocado oil or not.


10. Speeds Up The Wound Healing Process

Now, forget the medicated antiseptic lotions and apply avocado oil on the wounds to heal them faster. Just like this thick oil aids in strengthening your skin, similarly, it also aids in healing of the wounds faster. Clean the affected area and add two drops of avocado oil on it. Apply it on a daily basis, and soon your wound will recover, and there will be a lesser chance of scarring on the skin as well.

So, these are some of the health benefits of avocado oil. Using this monounsaturated fatty acid oil can boost your skin and health from within and outside, and render you good health along with proper digestion.

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    Story first published: Sunday, February 18, 2018, 20:00 [IST]
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