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World Mental Health Day: Foods That Will Keep You Mentally Fit

By Shabana

October 10th each year is celebrated as 'World Mental Health Day' to create awareness regarding mental health issues which are on the rise nowadays.

A mental illness is defined as behavioural or mental issue which makes it difficult for a person to deal with different situations in life. Surprisingly, frequent anger episodes, anxiety and panic attacks are also classified as mental disorders.

The most shocking thing about mental illnesses is that the person suffering from it may not even realise that he/she is suffering from any mental disease.

They eventually try to isolate themselves and go into their own shell. This even leads to suicidal tendencies.

This is exactly why there is a great need to create awareness among people regarding mental issues and educate them to deal with these if they come across someone or even them suffering from it and help deal with it in the right way.

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Though scientists are not able to find out the exact cause of mental illnesses, a few studies suggest that they may be due to biological, psychological and environmental factors. Whatever the reason, a healthy brain can keep mental illnesses at bay.

A healthy and balanced diet goes a long way in ensuring that you are mentally fit. Here are some top foods that you should immediately include in your diet, to keep you mentally fit.


Chia Seeds

These seeds are packed with health. They are full of omega-3 fatty acids which are known to keep mental diseases like depression and ADHD symptoms at bay.

The fatty acids also help to keep the brain free from plague and increase communication between brain cells, which in turn increase memory power.



Eggs contain certain nutrients which improve mental health and keep it alert. The folic acid, biotin and choline present in them are much needed for good brain health and development of the brain cells and nerves.



There is an interesting way in which yogurt helps with mental health. It is said that what we eat affects our brain.

Yogurt is known to keep our digestive tract healthy. This in turn affects certain functions of our brain such as emotions. Thus, it was found that eating more yogurt can help us feel less stressed and anxious.

Also, people with irritable bowel syndrome seen to be irritated all the time. Yogurt helps solve the problem. This directly affects the person's moods. Consuming more of pro biotics also reduces the release of stress hormones.



This green vegetable is home to certain compounds which are known to be brain healthy. It contains high amounts of potassium which increase brain activity and keep the brain young.


Green Leafy Vegetables

It is said that one serving of green leafy vegetable a day keeps dementia away. People who consumed more of these foods experience slow mental deterioration. They are also rich in vitamin K which is a brain-healthy vitamin.



They are known to contain high amounts of manganese, selenium and copper. These help improve brain functions and keep mental illnesses at bay.


Dark Chocolates

Dark chocolates are known to improve blood circulation to the brain due to the presence of cocoa in them. This in turn increases memory power. The flavonoids keep the brain young and protect the brain from radical damage.

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Story first published: Tuesday, October 10, 2017, 15:30 [IST]
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