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Health Benefits Of Dalia


Do you know why dalia is good for health? Firstly, what's dalia? It is a delicious dish prepared with ground wheat, lentils and vegetables. Yes, it is tasty and healthy. In fact, in many places, dalia is served to people who are recovering from illnesses.

If you are someone who is trying to reduce the consumption of white rice, then dalia would be a good choice as it is made of broken wheat.

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Also, vegetables like onions, carrots, beans and tomato are added to this dish making it more nutritious. Here are some health benefits of dalia.


Keeps You Full

It contains fibre. When you eat dalia in the morning, you feel full for longer. What is the benefit of it? When you feel full, you do not crave for snacks and this helps in maintaining healthy weight.


Can Diabetics Eat It?

Yes, even diabetics can enjoy this tasty dish. This food doesn't cause blood sugar spikes as it is made of complex carbs (ground wheat). Complex carbs result in a slow release of glucose into your blood.

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Moves Bowels

As dalia contains fibre, it helps in digestion. If you are suffering from constipation then fibre-rich foods help in moving bowels.


Offers Magnesium

Dalia offers many necessary nutrients to your body. One of them is magnesium. This mineral helps in calming down your nerves and falling asleep. It also helps soothe muscle aches.


Offers Energy

Dalia is a good source of energy and that is why you can also eat it post workout.

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Feeds Your Muscles

Dalia is a protein-rich food. So, it feeds your muscles and keep them happy.


Benefits Of Adding Vegetables

As you add vegetables like tomatoes, carrots and onions, you can enjoy their health benefits too. Actually, you can add your favourite vegetables to dalia to make it a nutritious mix.

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