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What To Do If An Insect Enters The Ear?

An insect in the ear is the biggest torture. It isn't easy to bear the inconvenience. And it happens at least once in a lifetime. Mostly, it could happen to children.

Ear is a very sensitive part. The internal parts of the ear are very delicate and therefore, you can't take an impulsive step the moment an insect goes in and gets stuck.

You need to know what to do and what not to do in such a situation. Here are some points to remember when any insect gets stuck in your ears.


Use Olive Oil

When an insect gets stuck in the ear, use olive oil or baby oil drops in the ear. When drops of oil enter, the insect suffocates in the oil and flows along with the oil and comes out of the ear.


Avoid Oil If...

Use lukewarm oil; not hot oil. Also, this remedy might work only if an insect is inside. Also, oil shouldn't be used for those who have ear drum issues. Also, avoid putting oil in the ear if you have ear pain, bleeding or discharge inside the ear.



Another remedy is alcohol. Dip a small piece of cotton in alcohol and place it in the outer surface of the ear to allow a few drops of alcohol to get inside the ear. The insect might come out. Also, alcohol cleans the area.


Never Use Cotton Bud

What not to do when an insect gets into your ear? Well, never use a cotton bud, match stick or any other device to remove the insect. It might push the insect inside deep inside. Also, such objects may damage ear drum and middle ear too.


Never Put Fingers!

Also, never put your fingers in your ear. That might increase the pain. Also, the insect may sting when you push a finger inside your ear.


No Match Stick

Another problem with putting a bud or match stick inside is that it will push ear wax inside and traps the fly there itself. Even if the insect is later pulled out, it could result in inflammation in the ear. Also, hearing abilities may get affected.


Consult A Doctor

If you are unable to remove the insect out of the ear with any of the home remedies, rush to a doctor immediately. Any mistake done in the process could even cause hearing loss.

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