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    Best Foods To Help You Gain Muscles, Apart From Meat!

    Today, most of us would want to go to the gym and train well, in order to tone our muscles and get fitter, right? Well, many people think that vegetarians cannot gain muscles; however, there are a few vegetarian sources of foods that can help you gain muscle!

    Yes, it is true, most vegetarians would be familiar with people telling them that it is rather impossible to gain any muscle mass without eating meat.

    So, many vegetarians get disheartened and may even give up on their goals of having a toned body!
    As we know, many people, especially young men today, would want to sport well-defined biceps and the famous 6-pack abs, so can they do it without consuming meat?

    Well, many research studies have opined that there are numerous vegetarian sources of protein that can help a person build a healthy muscle mass and they can be as effective as meat, when had on a regular basis.

    So, have a look at some of the best vegetarian foods that can help you build muscles.


    1. Organic Egg

    Organic eggs contain more protein and less saturated fat content, in comparison to the regular eggs, so organic eggs are great for muscle-building.


    2. Greek Yoghurt

    Greek yoghurt has made its mark recently as a nutritious breakfast food which is rich in proteins and probiotic content, so it can also help you tone your muscles.


    3. Pumpkin Seeds

    If you are looking to gain a healthy muscle mass, then pumpkin seeds can also be a good choice, as they contain up to 12 gm of protein per serving.


    4. Barley

    Containing up to 23 gm of protein per cup, barley is an excellent ingredient that can help you get those toned abs, without meat!


    5. Rajma

    Rajma is yet another natural ingredient that can help stimulate your muscles to grow in size, without making you gain weight.


    6. Channa

    Chickpeas or channa are a great vegetarian source of protein. When consumed on a regular basis, you can build healthy muscle mass effectively.


    7. Quinoa

    Quinoa seeds have gained popularity among health freaks lately, as it is rich in muscle-building protein and also vitamin B.


    8. Soybeans

    Containing about 20 gm of protein per cup, soybeans are another vegetarian food that can help you gain muscle mass quickly.

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    Story first published: Saturday, January 7, 2017, 14:30 [IST]
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