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Top 20 Calcium Rich Foods Every Indian Should Know

Calcium is an essential mineral not only because it makes our bones strong but because without it our hearts would develop arrhythmias and our muscles would start spasming like crazy!

So if you have always wondered what are the alternatives to milk when it comes to food rich in calcium, look no further. Because in this article we are going to discuss exactly that with special emphasis on the calcium rich foods easily available in India.

Just remember: If your vitamin D levels are low, just having these foods will not help you stock up on calcium because vitamin D helps your gut absorb calcium from your food. So make sure you get your blood tested before you blindly follow any of the advise mentioned in this article.


#1 Curd

We are not talking about yoghurts. We are talking about plain and simple sour curd that is prepared daily in most Indian homes.

And the best part is: even lactose intolerant individuals can have it!


#2 Sardines

For all you non-vegetarians, sardine is a cheap sea fish that is very easily found in fish markets and budget restaurants all over India, especially in the coastal states of South, West, and East India.

And since one sardine can help you cover up 33% of your daily recommended units of calcium, you should definitely add this fish to your diet once a week, if not more.


#3 Cheese

Cheese is another easily available dairy product that is packed with calcium.

In fact, parmesan cheese has the highest calcium content among all the varieties of cheeses available on Earth!


#4 Dried Figs a.k.a Anjeer

Dried figs are good for you because not only are they a great source of calcium but they are also rich in fibers and iron.


#5 Green leafy vegetables

From broccoli to spinach, green leafy vegetables are rich in a lot of essential dietary minerals, including calcium.


#6 Almonds

Almonds are rich in vitamin E and calcium. But since they produce a lot of heat if consumed in large quantities, please restrict yourself to having just one fistful in one day.


#7 Prawns

Prawns are rich in calcium. But they lose it when you overcook them. So make sure you don't boil them too much.


#8 Sesame Seeds

Pregnant women and lactating mothers are very commonly fed til ke laddoo (a.k.a sesame seeds laddoos) in India because sesame seeds are rich in calcium, and therefore, very good at replenishing all the calcium these women lose from their bones during milk production.


#9 Tofu

There was a time when tofu was found only in selective stores in India. But now it is a commonplace health food that often replaces paneer in households that want to cut down on their cottage cheese consumption.

And the best part is: Tofu is rich in calcium!


#10 Oranges

Oranges might not have as much calcium as the milk-alternatives given above, but it's worth noting nevertheless.


#11 Soy Milk

Soy milk is often drunk by those who are lactose intolerant and thus cannot have real milk. And while it is not as rich in calcium as the latter, it still has a whopping 300mg per ounce.


#12 Oatmeal

Oats are healthier than cornflakes and not very expensive. Maybe that's why they are so commonly found in Indian grocery stores these days.

And while they may be known for their fiber content, they are not poor when it comes to calcium as well!


#13 Bhindi

Bhindi is an awesome vegetable! And it is rich in nutrients, including calcium. In fact, one bowl of properly cooked bhindi has around 175mg of calcium.


#14 Crabs

Crab meat is sweet, succulent, and rich in minerals. And one cup of it is known to contain 123mg of calcium!


#15 Boiled eggs

One boiled egg contains 50mg of calcium. Plus, they are excellent for stocking up on proteins and vitamin A.


#16 Tamarind

All girls can rejoice now!

And while tamarind is not as rich in calcium as some of the other food items mentioned above, it definitely contains enough to justify a mention on this list. Plus, it is rich in potassium and fibers!


#17 Dates

Dates are your bestfriend when it comes to calcium and iron. Plus, they are delicious to eat! Especially the pitless ones, which have an almond in their center!


#18 Custard Apple a.k.a Sitaphal

Custard apples might be a little time-consuming to eat, but they are delicious and rich in calcium and other important nutrients.


#19 Soybeans

We have already discussed soy milk and tofu earlier on this list, both of which are soybean products. Therefore, this list wouldn't be complete if we did not mention here their predecessor, the soybeans.


#20 Broccoli

100g of crunchy broccoli can give you 47mg of calcium, which is a lot! So you should definitely add it to your diet.

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Story first published: Tuesday, November 7, 2017, 8:00 [IST]
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