Ragi: A Must-Have Nutritious Food During Winters

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Are you still wondering what to include in your diet this winter? Food that can keep you warm and is healthy at the same time? Well, you need not think so much. Just add a bowl of ragi to your daily diet. It helps to keep your body warm and at the same time it is nutritious.

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The health benefits of ragi are plenty. But if you want to know how good ragi is for winters then today at Boldsky we will be pointing out a few of the benefits of ragi for winters. Cold and weight gain are common issues faced during winters by many people. In such weather conditions, one needs to turn to ragi.

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Ragi, also known as millets or nachni is nutritious. It is rich in calcium, proteins, iron and several other nutrients that makes it a perfect must have for the cold chilly winters. In addition to this, ragi is rich in fibre and low in unsaturated fat. This forms the perfect ingredient that aids in weight loss during the winter season.

Here are a few of the reasons to eat ragi during winters. Take a look.


1. Increase Bone Strength:

Ragi has high contents of calcium and is good for the bones. It helps in increasing the bone strength and prevents breaking of bones and osteoporosis that are quite common during the winters.


2. Weight Loss:

One of the best ways to lose weight during winters is to include ragi in your daily diet. Rich in fibre and amino acid, ragi helps reduce appetite and aids in weight loss.


3. Aids In Digestion:

Ragi is rich in fibre content. It helps in digestion. One could consume ragi in the form of soup, ragi upma, idli or ragi malt. It helps to keep your body warm as well.


4. Anaemia:

Rich in iron and vitamin C, ragi helps in making up for the blood loss in the body and thereby prevents anaemia and low haemoglobin level. Just include a bowl of ragi every day in your diet.


5. Helps Reduce Stress:

Ragi is rich in antioxidants and amino acids. It thus works as a natural relaxant agent, helping reduce stress.


6. Helps Treat Insomnia:

Have a bowl of ragi every day; it helps in keeping the body warm and prevents sleep disorders like insomnia as well.


7. Helps Control Diabetes:

Rich in fibre content and low in glycemic index, ragi helps in keeping diabetes under control.


8. Helps Control High Blood Pressure:

Ragi is rich in amino acids and helps prevent the accumulation of fat in the body. This in turn helps in controlling the blood pressure.


9. Reduce Cholesterol:

Ragi is rich in amino acids. It helps in lowering the cholesterol level and body fat. Accumulation of fat in the liver is quite common during the winters. Adding a bowl of ragi in the diet every day helps prevent cholesterol and fat deposition in the body.


10. Helps Prevent Migraine:

Ragi is known for its antioxidant properties. It helps in reducing oxidative stress and prevents migraine. One just needs to include a bowl of ragi in the daily diet, especially during winters.

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Story first published: Wednesday, January 4, 2017, 11:30 [IST]
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