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Add These Protein-rich Foods For Breakfast To Lose Weight

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As the old saying goes, "Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper", it holds true even today.

Breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day for any age group. Having a healthy breakfast fuels you up with the needed amount of energy to go ahead with the day.

But there are a few people who skip breakfast in order to lose weight. This is one major mistake that many people make.

They fail to understand the fact that instead of losing weight, skipping breakfast can actually lead to weight gain.

There are yet another group of people, who in a hurry to rush to work, skip their breakfast and end up eating their lunch directly.

Also, on the other hand, when it comes to breakfast or for that matter any major meal of the day, choosing the right food should be a priority.

After your dinner, you would not have consumed anything until morning. So, your blood glucose level will be low and you will be low on energy.

A healthy breakfast helps in restoring the energy and the glucose level. Hence, having a breakfast rich in essential nutrients like calcium, iron, vitamins, protein and fibre is a must.

Listed here are a few protein-rich foods to add in your breakfast in order to lose weight. Take a look.


1. Eggs:

Eggs are rich in protein, especially the yolk. In order to get its maximum benefits, it is essential to consume eggs in the right way. Consuming one boiled egg on a regular basis is the best way to get the protein.

For those of you who do not like to eat boiled eggs, consuming eggs along with vegetables fried in coconut oil or olive oil can also help. Also, having eggs in an omelet form with a bit of cottage cheese and spinach is yet another best way.


2. Tofu:

If you are intolerant to lactose, then tofu is one of the best options to get your protein need. Tofu is rich in protein content. So, how do you add tofu for your breakfast?

Stir fry tofu along with kale and add it to your everyday breakfast. This helps one to lose weight efficiently.


3. Greek Yogurt:

Greek yogurt without any added flavour is a good source of protein. But make it a point to choose low-fat Greek yogurt. Other best part about Greek yogurt is that it is an excellent source of calcium.

Consuming low-fat Greek yogurt along with wheat germ, seeds and berries for breakfast not just helps one to keep you full for a longer time but it also aids in weight loss.


4. Banana & Whey Protein Shake:

If you usually get late for work, then there is no better option than having a glass of almond milk, banana and whey protein shake. Banana is rich in protein, fibre and potassium. This not just helps in keeping you full but also provides the needed amount of energy and stamina.


5. Guava:

Among all the fruits, guava is one that contains a high amount of protein. With a low amount of calories, guava is also rich in vitamin C and fibre content. Adding a cup of guava for your breakfast not just provides you with the needed amount of energy but it also helps one to lose weight.


6. Peanut Butter:

Peanut butter contains monounsaturated fats or what is known as the good fats. Adding this to your regular breakfast not just helps in keeping you full for a long time but also satiates your craving for junk foods and keeps you off from junk foods. This in turn helps one to prevent weight gain.


7. Chia Seeds:

Rich in protein, fibre, antioxidants, calcium and other essential nutrients, chia seeds is one of the best foods to consume for breakfast. In addition to all these nutrients, chia seeds also contains omega-3 fatty acids, or commonly known as good fats.

As you prepare the oatmeal, you can add a teaspoon of chia seeds to it. This not just helps in keeping you full for a long period of time but also helps one to lose weight.


8. Nuts:

Nuts are a must have for breakfast, not just to lose weight but to remain healthy. Nuts, specifically almonds, walnuts and cashews are high in protein, rich in healthy fats. Nuts help in stimulating the body to burn excess fat and lose weight.

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