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    10 Exceptional Benefits You Can Derive From Eating Oranges

    By Shabana

    It is popularly said that healthy food is often not tasty and tasty food is often not healthy. But there are many exceptions to that...

    All of us like to gorge on various fruits because they are sweet and tasty. Being seasonal, fruits have amazing health benefits. They have high levels of anti oxidants, vitamins and minerals which provide complete nourishment to our body. The fibre content in fruits helps relieve constipation. The natural sugars in them are also good for diabetics. Therefore, it is safe to say that fruits are tasty as well as healthy.

    Winter months are fast approaching and so are the episodes of cough and cold. During these months, people usually avoid citrus fruits like sweet lime, oranges, tangerines, etc. to avoid runny nose and phlegm.

    orange health benefits

    Contrary to popular belief, citrus fruits are full of vitamin C, an immunity boosting vitamin. The highest amount of vitamin C present is in oranges.

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    Oranges are sweet tasting fruits commonly found during the winter months. They are full of vitamin C and anti-oxidants, that boost our immune system and help fight infection and flues. They contain phytochemicals, which fight against cancer-causing agents, etc.

    Here are top 10 amazing benefits of oranges, which will definitely make you include them in your diet-


    1) Relieves Constipation-

    A very good source of fibre both soluble and insoluble, oranges are good to keep your bowels moving. The fibre in them will bulk up your stools, thereby preventing irritable bowel syndrome. They also stimulate the production of digestive juices, improving digestion. This is by far the tastiest way to relieve constipation.


    2) Regulates High Blood Pressure-

    Oranges are a rich source of magnesium, which will help regulate blood pressure. The flavonoid called hesperidin, which is naturally present in oranges also keeps our blood pressure under control.


    3) Prevents Cancer-

    They are a powerhouse of vitamin C, which is a powerful anti-oxidant and immunity-boosting agent. Also, a compound called limonene, widely found in oranges, has been known to possess cancer-inhibiting properties. This compound works where our immune system fails. It detects cancerous cells and destroys them, without giving them a chance to spread.


    4) Protects Against Heart Diseases-

    The anti-oxidants present in oranges fight the free radical damage and help prevent oxidation of cholesterol. Oxidised cholesterol tends to stick to the inside of the arteries and restrict blood supply to the heart, triggering a heart attack. The anti-oxidants help neutralise the effects of these free radicals and protect the heart from diseases.


    5) Fights Viral Infections-

    Oranges are full of vitamin C, which is known as an immunity boosting vitamin. When our immunity is strong, our body is able to fight off infections better and prevent illness. Also, the polyphenols present in them is anti-viral, killing the virus entering our body before they can cause infections.


    6) Purifies Blood-

    Oranges are natural cleansers. The flavonoids present in them initiate enzyme activity in the body and help the liver flush out toxins. The vitamin C in them increases the collagen production, thereby making the skin more elastic and reducing the signs of ageing. The dietary fibre in them keeps the bowels moving, thereby eliminating the waste and unwanted substances out of the body.


    7) Strong Bones-

    All calcium-containing foods should be paired with vitamin D-rich foods in order for our body to completely absorb the calcium from our food. Oranges have enough vitamin D, which ensure the proper absorption of calcium and helps it reach the bones. Oranges also contain ascorbic acid, which helps in better absorption of calcium.


    8) Helps Keep Your Teeth Strong-

    Oranges are excellent in gum health. They strengthen blood vessels and connective tissue. They also prevent the development of plaque. They coat the teeth in a protective layer, preventing corrosion. The vitamin C in them reduces inflammation and also keeps the breath fresh for longer by killing bacteria responsible for bad breath. They also keep white coated tongue at bay.


    9) Prevents Kidney Disease-

    Studies have found that regular consumption of orange juice helps prevent kidney stones by expelling the excess citrate in the urine and reducing its acidity. Oranges also help the kidney function properly by preventing high blood pressure and controlling sugar levels, reducing the stress on them.


    10) Helps Prevent Asthma

    Regular consumption of oranges is known to decrease the frequency of asthma attacks. Its anti-inflammatory properties help reduce the inflammation of airways. They also neutralise the oxidation damage by free radicals as they are known to increase inflammation and cause asthma. The flavonoids present in oranges decrease bronchial sensitivity.

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