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Nutrient-Rich Food To Be Consumed By Cancer Patients Undergoing Chemo & Radiation

By Sravia Sivaram

A patient undergoing chemotherapy must stay as healthy and fit as possible during the treatment. What you eat during the treatment can make a big difference in helping you cope with your treatment.

Chemotherapy and radiation treatment can place a big burden on the nutrition system. There are several side effects that can arise due to chemotherapy; and it is the nutrition and food that you take in during this period that help you combat those side effects.


You need to follow a simple dietary regimen, which will help you cope up with some of the unpleasant side effects that can arise out of chemotherapy.

Chemotherapy can hamper your diet, as it can make certain foods and drinks taste metallic or unpleasant. Fruther, you also need to know the Top Cancer Causing Foods That You Need To Stop Eating Immediately

This article deals with the best foods for cancer patients on chemo. Sometimes, it can also be difficult for you to drink plain water, then you need to try drinking flavoured mineral water or add a sliced lemon to your water.

Nutrition for chemo patients is quite important, as the patients can be deprived of nutrition during this process. Hence, they need to have a tab on the best diet for chemo patients before eating. You can also take a look at 50 Foods You Need To Have If You Want To Keep Cancer Away

In this article, we have listed about the nutrition for cancer patients on chemo. So, continue reading this article to know about the top foods for chemo patients to eat during chemotherapy.


1. Carrots To Boost Chemo:

Carrots are known to be a chemo-boosting superfood. These contain certain plant compounds that can make chemotherapy more effective by stopping a mechanism in the body that can interfere with cancer treatment.

This was noted in the study 'Cancer Cell Antiprolifertion Activity And Metabolism Of Carrot Anthocyanins'. Carrots are one of the best sources of nutrition for chemo patients.


2. Gravy For Dry Mouth:

Dry mouth is a common side effect of chemo. This can make swallowing very difficult. For this purpose, you can moisten your food by covering it with sauces, gravies or even low-fat milk.

You can also try liquefying your food in a blender, so that it can be swallowed easily. This is one of the best foods for cancer patient on chemo.


3. Rice And Bananas For Diarrhoea:

Diarrhoea is one of the top side effects of chemotherapy. Hence, bland foods like rice, bananas, cooked apples and dry toast will help bind your stool if you suffer from diarrhoea due to chemotherapy.

Further, you need to avoid fatty foods, raw fruits and whole-grain products that can worsen diarrhoea.


4. Whole Grains For Constipation:

If you're constipated, drinking plenty of fluids and eating foods that are high in insoluble fibre such as whole-grain breads, cereals, dried fruits, dried beans or peas will help with the digestive process. It is one of the most necessary nutrition for cancer patients on chemo.


5. Small Meals To Combat Appetite Loss:

Loss of appetite is one of the top side effects of chemotherapy. Hence, instead of forcing yourself to eat three big meals a day, you can go for 5-6 smaller meals in a day in order to stay nourished and energised.


6. Ginger Candy For Nausea:

Chemo can leave you with a queasy stomach. Hence, going in for ginger candy and lemon drops will work wonders. Nibbling them before eating will help you fix your dizziness and also settle your stomach. It is one of the top foods to eat during radiation treatment.


7.Custard For Mouth Sores:

Mouth sores are one of the most common side effects of chemo. In this condition, you can go for pureed foods that are easier to swallow like custard, eggs, porridge and soups. Avoid sharp, crunchy and spicy foods during this time. This is considered as one of the best foods for chemo patients.


8. Garlic & Onion For Immune System:

Garlic and onion are highly recommended for cancer patients undergoing chemo. They are known to contain high levels of antioxidants that stimulate the immune system's natural defenses against cancer.

This is according to the study 'Garlic And Its Significance For The Prevention Of Cancer In humans: A Critical View'. Ginger and garlic can be considered as one of the best diet foods for cancer patients during chemotherapy.


9. Proteins To Heal Cells:

It is important to get sufficient amounts of protein-rich foods during all stages of cancer treatment and recovery. Patients undergoing treatment are known to get about 10% of their daily calories from protein.

This is as per the study 'Assessment Of Weight Loss, Food Intake, Fat Metabolism, Malabsorption And Treatment Of Pancreatic Insufficiency In Pancreatic Cancer'.


10. Healthy Carbs To Fuel Up:

Carbohydrates are known to give you plenty of energy to sustain any side effect during radiation treatment. This is one of the best foods for cancer patients going through radiation.

Further, avoid refined and sugary carbohydrates like white bread, pasta, rice, chips, biscuits and baked goods.


11. Go For Fat Free Or Low-Fat Milk Products:

Milk and milk products like cheese and yogurt provide calcium, potassium and other nutrients. In case you have trouble digesting dairy products, then go for soy, almond or coconut milk with no added sugar.


12. Drink Plenty Of Liquids:

You need to drink plenty of fluids during this treatment. It is important to stay hydrated during radiation therapy, especially if you experience diarrhoea during this time.


13. Make Sure Your Meals Are Nutrient Dense:

Eating nutrient-dense meals is the key to recover from radiation therapy. Eating high-calorie low-density meal will not give the body what it requires.

Hence, you need to include colourful fruits and vegetables to your diet. These will ensure the best nutrition for chemo patients.

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