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Drinking Milk + Jaggery During Winter Can Do These To Your Health

By Chandreyee Sen
Jaggery Milk, गुड़ वाला दूध | Health Benefits | गुड़ वाले दूध के जादुई फायदे | Boldsky

Winter is fast approaching and so it has now become imperative to take preventive measures for your skin and health.

Although winter is one the loved seasons, as it brings the onset of a new year with lots of celebration, you shouldn't forget that without proper care winter can be detrimental for your health, as there is a change in the climatic conditions.

So from your wardrobe to your meals, everything needs to be set in accordance with the outside climate.

Talking about winter meals, all of us are fond of jaggery (commonly called Gur) during winter. It is a natural sweetener enriched with medicinal values.

The mouth-melting make-ki-roti with gur and a drop of ghee can make a yummy breakfast in winter. But besides that if you regularly consume jaggery in a glass of milk, then it can wonders for your health.

Milk, as we all know, is full of nutrients and is the best health drink recommended by the doctor for all age groups. Many of us, however, don't like its taste, so for them taste it with a spoonful of jaggery and see the result for yourself.

Let us now read about some of the benefits.


• Boosts Immunity:

Milk, as you know, is a rich source of calcium that can improve your immune system. When it is teamed with jaggery, not only does it taste good but also helps in boosting your immunity to fight any host bacteria during winter.


• Improves Digestion:

Indigestion is a common problem for most individuals. Whether it is because of their irregular lifestyle or craving for junk food, indigestion can affect a person anytime and anywhere. So if you are suffering from indigestion, constipation, irregular bowel movement, etc., then consuming jaggery can be beneficial for your health. Consuming it with milk as a part of your regular diet can fasten the process of digestion and give you a quick relief.


• Reduces Joint Pain:

Drink milk to become stronger! Well, all of us have heard this since our childhood. And indeed the calcium present in milk helps in strengthening your bones and reduces joint pain. Make it your staple drink with jaggery for better results.


• Prevents Anaemia During Pregnancy:

Becoming a mother Is the best feeling of a woman, but one needs to take precautionary measures, as it is crucial for mother and child's health. One problem many pregnant women face is pregnancy anaemia. Doctors however recommend iron tablets. But in case you have difficulty in having them, then as an alternative, consume jaggery in milk to prevent anaemia.


• Aids In Weight Loss:

Did you know that milk can aid in your weight loss session? Well, yes it indeed does. All you need to do is add jaggery in milk and have it daily. Jaggery is a natural sweetener, so you don't require additional intake of sugar and in this way, you can reduce your weight.


• Good For Skin's Health:

Skin problem becomes a constant worry during winters. Even after changing your beauty routine, the skin doesn't show its natural radiance. So here is the solution for getting a flawless skin in winter. Have a glass of milk with jaggery every day for getting a smooth and glowing skin and eradicating all that dryness and itching.


• Reduces Menstrual Pain:

Menstrual pain can at times become worse, leaving your stomach with aches and cramps. Repetitive use of hot bags and medication might not be good for your health. So, in that case, consume jaggery which has a medicinal property of reducing stomach cramps. Adding milk to it will further give you strength to work during menstruation. Further, jaggery can be effective in fighting mood swings during those days as well.


• Improves Metabolism:

Jaggery with milk induces proper digestion and boosts up the metabolic rate of an individual. As the uneasiness due to indigestion reduces, a person feels the zeal to conduct all his functions with an improved energy level.


• Good For Bone Health:

Jaggery is a rich source of potassium and milk contains calcium and other essential nutrients. A combination of both can be a good health drink for improving your bone health and making your bones stronger than before.


• Purifying The Blood:

One important medicinal value of jaggery is that it helps in purifying your blood and removes toxins from your body. So, while having it with milk, not only will it cleanse your blood but also make you stay healthy.


• Helps Provide Stamina:

Both sugar and jaggery induce carbohydrates in our body that provide us with better stamina and increased energy level. But there is a line of differentiation between the two. Sugar is a simple carbohydrate, which when reaches the body gives instant energy. But jaggery is a complex one and therefore it takes time to break down and provide energy that lasts long. So, for more energy, consume jaggery with milk every day.

So these are the few benefits of having jaggery with milk in winter. Have it and experience the result yourself.

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