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Is A Gluten-free Diet Good For You?

By Shabana

Today's social networking generation has given a whole new meaning to health and fitness. In an attempt to get that perfect shape, people follow online trends blindly.

Be it in health, fitness or fashion. But most women are crazy about achieving that perfect body which gets them maximum likes on their social networking platform.

Women are no longer comfortable in their own bodies; and their happiness is directly proportional to the number of "Likes" they get on their photos.

The harm does not lie here. Any person can aspire to achieve a toned and fit body. The harm lies in the ways these youngsters use to achieve their goals.

Women are ready to go on extreme diets to get a size zero. They do not realize that they are pushing their bodies to the extreme and some day, the body might just decide to give up.

The internet is loaded with lots of crazy diets, which are even endorsed by celebrities.

A fan of a celebrity may blindly follow a diet thinking that she might end up with a body similar to that of her idol. Celebrities follow these diets under expert supervision, which may not be affordable to their fans.

One such diet that I read about on the internet is the Gluten-free diet.

What Is Gluten?

Gluten is a common protein which is found in wheat and barley. It has viscoelastic properties that help the food keep its shape and it acts as glue. A perfect example of gluten is when kneading dough.

Gluten is what makes the dough sticky. The formation of Gluten is important, as it affects the texture of the end product or baked goods, in case of cookie or bread dough. Your delicious bread is soft, spongy and chewy because of the gluten.

A lot of people associate gluten with fats and carbs, which dieters work to avoid. But gluten is a type of protein, not even closely associated to fat and carbohydrates.

Excluding it may have health consequences. Gluten-free diet is only for people with severe celic and gluten sensitivity. They can use gluten-free products simply because their body responds to gluten negatively. For others, there is absolutely no reason to exclude Gluten from their diet.

Another reason to think before going Gluten-free is that a lot of Gluten-free foods contain more fats and sugar to bind the food and also make the food suitable for our taste buds.

So, in the end you consume more fats and sugar in the process of avoiding Gluten.

Is Gluten Good Or Bad?

Bottom line is that Gluten is good for you. You just need to make healthier choices to avoid refined flour instead. Opt for whole-wheat bread instead of white.

Grains like amaranth and Quinoa are very healthy. Focus on fruits and vegetables, lean protein and dairy to have a healthy diet. And don't follow the latest diet fads blindly.

It's always a good option to consider the opinion of your Medical Practitioner. She/he is more eligible to give you advice on the proper methods to lose weight without any side effects.

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Story first published: Saturday, July 8, 2017, 18:30 [IST]
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