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Is Pasta Bad Or Good For Health? How To Make Pasta Healthy

Is pasta healthy or unhealthy? Though many love this dish, it is perceived as unhealthy. Is there a way to make your pasta healthier? Let us discuss.

Lets look at the basics. Whole grains are healthy and refined grains are not so healthy. The same applies to pasta. Whole grain pasta is comparatively better than refined pasta.

The process of refining can eliminate healthier parts of the grains and therefore, makes the end product less nutritious.

Can you make your pasta a healthy meal? Well, if you use wholegrain pasta and combine other nutritious ingredients like beans and veggies, then yes, even pasta can be a healthy meal. Here are some more suggestions and facts.


Good Source Of Energy

Pasta is a good energy supplier for your brain as well as your muscles as it is basically carbohydrate meal.

It is glucose. Whole grain pasta is complex carb which slowly releases energy and keeps your glucose levels stable.


Make It Nutritious

Apart from carbs, pasta provides vitamins and minerals too.

Load your pasta with vegetables so that you will get some extra fibre along with nutrients and antioxidants. Add tomato sauce to load it with antioxidants and add small amounts of cheese for protein.



Pasta is free of cholesterol and low in sodium. So, it can be a part of your weight-loss diet-plan. You can make it a balanced meal by carefully choosing your ingredients to prepare it.


Keeps Blood Sugar Levels Stable

If you are worried about spikes in the blood sugar levels, then wholegrain pasta's low GI (Glycemic Index) prevents the sudden highs and lows in blood sugar.

Though some brands of refined pasta are enriched with niacin, folic acid, riboflavin and thiamin, choose wholegrain pasta if you wish to stabilise your blood glucose.


Even Athletes Prefer Pasta!

What most of us don't know is the fact that some athletes prefer pasta as a meal before a race. They rely on it for stable energy levels.



What about its calories? Cooked pasta (1 cup) offers approximately 200 calories. Whole grain pasta can keep you full and prevent cravings between meals.



Pasta also offers selenium. Selenium helps in activating certain antioxidant enzymes in your body which prevent free radical damage in cells.



Manganese is another mineral present in pasta. This mineral has its role in controlling blood glucose. Choose wholegrain pasta and use olive oil. This way, pasta can be a healthy meal too.

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