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Here Are The 10 Best Food Choices For COPD

By Sravia Sivaram

When it comes to patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), good nutrition is a must. People with COPD have higher calorie requirements due to the effort it takes to breathe.

The muscles involved each time you breathe can take 10 times more calories in someone with COPD than in those without this condition.

Eating right may help boost your energy when you have COPD. If you're losing a lot of weight, a few 'comfort foods' may return to your diet.

If a person with COPD finds himself tired too often or has trouble while eating, he should eat smaller meals, that is, about four to six times in a day.

This can provide more available calories when required and would make the person feel less tired and less full.

With World COPD Day falling tomorrow, we have listed some of the top best foods for COPD. Read further to know more on the best food choices for COPD.


1. Whole Grains:

You need to choose high-fibre foods with whole grains instead of refined carbohydrates like white bread. A high-carb diet can increase carbon dioxide production and the lungs will be tasked with exhaling carbon dioxide. It is recommended to keep carbs to a minimum.


2. Low-Fat Milk:

Low-fat milk offers protein, calcium, vitamin D and some fat to meet the calorie requirements to get through the day. It is recommended that COPD patients consume this every day to meet their energy requirements. This is one of the best foods for COPD.


3. Healthy Fats:

Make sure to add healthy fats to your COPD-friendly diet. Go for healthy fats that are found in nuts, eggs, olive oil, avocados and fatty cold water fish.


4. Fruits And Vegetables:

Fruits and vegetables are a must for a healthy diet for COPD. These high-fibre foods provide you with essential nutrients, including vitamin A, minerals and inflammation-fighting antioxidants.


5. Beans:

Beans are rich in zinc, which is an essential mineral for COPD diet. Research suggests that getting enough zinc will help improve COPD symptoms.


6. Nuts:

For people with COPD, it is important to every day keep your weight under check and in the normal range. You need to focus more on high-calorie healthy foods like nuts and nut butter. This is one of the best foods for COPD.


7. Lean Protein:

Many people with COPD have a protein deficiency and may not even know it. A lack of protein can lead to loss of muscle also known as muscle wasting, as the body digs its own protein stores.


8. Vitamin D:

Vitamin D deficiency can contribute to COPD and worsen COPD symptoms. You need to choose foods that are filled with Vitamin D such as fatty fish like salmon, mackerel and tuna.


9. Hydration:

The breathing difficulties associated with COPD can leave you dehydrated. Staying properly hydrated will help loosen the phlegm, making the mucus easier to be expelled out.


10. Have Smaller Meals:

You need to spread out your high-calorie and high-fibre foods throughout the day. So, aim for five small meals to get the nutrition you need, without taxing your lungs. This is one of the best foods for COPD.

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