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Nutritious Foods To Eat During The Monsoons

By Shabana

The rainy season is here. Among other things, this also means that people are more prone to catching infections.

It is of common knowledge that outside food should be avoided during the rainy season.

But are you aware of the reason behind it? The moisture levels in the atmosphere increase. This creates a perfect breeding ground for all kinds of microbes.


There is an increase in the disease-carrying insects such as mosquitoes and house flies. The sudden decrease in temperature also makes us susceptible to catching infections.

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Our body's immune system is what helps us fight these infections. Therefore it is important to eat healthy food to build our immune system. Foods rich in nutrients will help us stay healthy and happy and help us successfully beat that disease-causing vermin.

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So on this National Nutrition Week we have listed certain foods which are high in nutrition and will help you keep your immune system up and running.


1) Corn

Probably the most easily available food during the monsoons, corn is extremely nutritious. Corn is rich in phytochemicals which provide protection against a number of diseases. It is also a good source of vitamin A, B and E.

Its high fibre content ensures that you never suffer from constipation. The anti-oxidants present in it also help fight off Alzheimer's disease as well. It is effective in reducing the chances of diarrhoea, which is quite common during the rains.


2) Gram Flour

Gram flour is another protein-rich food. It is highly nutritious and is gluten free. It is very helpful for the body as it helps fight allergies. It is high in iron and therefore helps battle weakness. It is among the richest sources of vitamin B6 which strongly supports our immune system.


3) Apples And Pears

The anti-oxidant called ‘'Quercetin" in apples and pears helps fight inflammation and oxidation of neurons. They fortify our immune system and detoxify our liver. The high content of fibre in them will keep you full for longer, helping you reduce weight.

It also treats diarrhoea and constipation. People who eat at least one apple a day have been found less prone to develop type-2 diabetes. Now you know the origin of the saying ‘An apple a day keeps the doctor away'. The presence of vitamin C and K in pears help fight free radical damage in our body.


4) Brown Rice

Health enthusiasts don't just call brown rice the healthiest grain for no reason. Brown rice is rich in fibre, manganese and selenium. Selenium is an anti-oxidant which destroys cancer-causing cells and repairs our DNA.

It regulates our thyroid glands and immune system. Manganese on the other hand contains a compound called superoxide dismutase which prevents free radical damage.


5) Oats

Oats are mostly consumed as breakfast and are rich in fibre. It is popularly known for its ability to curb bad cholesterol in the body. Studies have indicated that oats boost our immune system and help fight against bacteria, virus, fungi and other parasites.


6) Barley

Barley is rich in plant lignans, which help the good bacteria to thrive in our intestines. It is also rich in vitamin C which boosts our immune system.


7) Chickpeas

Chickpeas are the highest sources of zinc and copper, which are essential minerals to keep our immune system strong. They are more capable of fighting common cough and cold than foods with high vitamin C content.


8) Garlic

A compound called ‘Allicin' present in garlic has a lot of health benefits. It is the best medicine to combat symptoms of common cold. Adding garlic to your regular diet will help you fight cold and cough better.


9) Curd

Curd is known to contain high amount of good bacteria which boosts our immune system. It helps the body to fight against several micro-organisms, thereby reducing our chances of catching infections.


10) Almonds

Almonds are called superfoods as they contain vitamin E, calcium, iron and manganese. Almonds are a great source of alkali minerals which are known to improve our immune function. It contains vitamin E, a powerful anti-oxidant which helps fight free radical damage in our body.

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