Health Benefits Of Pudina Chutney

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Pudina chutney is what makes your samosa tastier. Actually, pudina chutney is healthier than the samosa that you love to eat.

Pudina is nothing but mint leaf. Indians have been using mint leaves as chutney since ages. Nowadays, many cosmetics, toothpastes, mouth fresheners, chewing gums, oils and other products are using mint extract to make use of its therapeutic effects.

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But your grandma simply prepared pudina chutney at home and helped you enjoy the health benefits. What are those benefits? Here are they....


Benefit #1

The first reason why Indians prepare pudina chutney to consume along with snacks like pakoda and samosa is because of its digestive abilities.

Mint leaves promote digestion, reduce inflammation and soothe your stomach. In fact, mint leaves can also cure nausea. Mint also enhances appetite.

In order to balance the unhealthy effect of samosa or other oily snacks like pakoda, pudina chutney is served along with it.


Benefit #2

Mint leaves also have a peculiar aroma. Just sniff the pudina chutney; the smell calms your system!

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That is why mint oil is used for headaches too. The aroma of mint leaves can also clear your nose, throat and even lung congestion.


Benefit #3

Pudina chutney is also good for your oral health. Your breath becomes fresh by the time you finish eating the chutney.

Pudina has anti-inflammatory agents and anti-bacterial properties. Eating its chutney can prevent tooth decay and bad breath also.


Benefit #4

In villages, people don't rely on air-conditioners to cool themselves in summer.

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They rely on cooling foods to cope up with the hot weather. In summer, pudina chutney can offer a cooling effect on your body.


Benefit #5

Pudina is a stimulant. So, pudina chutney can soothe you when you are too tired or feeling low.


Benefit #6

Pudina chutney is also said to work like a blood purifier. It is anti-spasmodic; it soothes your tensed up muscles. It can even soothe menstrual cramp pain.

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Benefit #7

One good reason to enjoy pudina chutney is: it boosts your immunity. It contains Vitamins C,B, E and D. These vitamins can help your body protect itself from minor infections.

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