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7 Foods That Can Keep Vaginal Diseases At Bay!

Do you want to avoid being affected by nasty vaginal diseases? If yes, then there are certain foods that can help you have a healthier vagina.

The vagina is a muscular and tubular part of the reproductive tract that is located below the pelvic region of a woman. Its main functions being sexual activity, reproduction and birthing.

As the vagina is located at an area where a lot of fresh air cannot pass through easily, it is prone to infections caused by microbes.

Just like how we make sure that we take care of the health of our vital organs, we must also pay an equal attention to our vaginal health!

Many women may ignore the health of their vagina and not visit gynaecologists, when they do have issues, as they may feel that it is not all that important, or they may even feel embarrassed!

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However, it is extremely important to ensure that your vagina is healthy; otherwise, it may lead to infections, infertility and even growth of cancerous cells!

So, here is a list of foods that can keep vaginal diseases at bay. Take a look and do include them more often.


1. Lemon Tea

Lemon tea is rich in antioxidants and vitamin C, both of which are very much essential for your vaginal health, to keep the organ hydrated and infection free.


2. Salmon

Salmon is a type of fish, which is filled with omega-3 fatty acids that can keep your vaginal walls well lubricated, thus preventing vaginal dryness, especially during an intercourse.


3. Curd

Curd/ yoghurt is rich in probiotics, and as we may already know, probiotics promote the growth of healthy bacteria in the vaginal walls, thus preventing bacterial infections.


4. Avocado

Avocado is also rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which can nourish the cells of your vagina, thus increasing its disease-fighting ability and also in preventing dryness.


5. Strawberry

Strawberry contains vitamin C and antioxidants that are extremely healthy for the vagina, as they can help prevent microbial infections and also vaginal dryness.


6. Eggs

As eggs are rich in protein and vitamin D content, they can prevent a vaginal ailment known as bacterial vaginosis, as vitamin D is very much essential to treat this ailment.


7. Whole Grains

Whole grains also contain rich nutrients that can stimulate the production of healthy bacteria that line the walls of your vagina, in order to prevent infections.

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