9 Best Foods To Consume In Winter If You Want To Remain Healthy!

By Chandana Rao

Winter is finally here and most of us would be getting our warm winter gear out and would be ready to enjoy the cool breeze and the nip in the air, with a tasty hot beverage and some spicy comfort food to go with it, right?

Well, although, winter may be one of the best seasons, it does come with its fair share of negative consequences just like with any other season.

For example, during the summers, many people suffer from dehydration and heat strokes, if the temperature is too high.

winter foods to eat

Similarly, the monsoon, or the rainy seasons bring in a variety of air and water-borne viral diseases, which can cause flu and other such diseases in people.

When it comes to winter, there is a sudden drop in temperatures outside and so, your body works overtime to keep up the normal internal temperature.

So, during the winter season, your immunity tends to be low. As your body is working hard to produce more heat within and so you could be affected by a number of diseases.

Common cold, viral flu, respiratory ailments like wheezing, cough and other infections, headaches, etc., are very common among people during winter.

Some serious diseases like pneumonia can also affect people during the winter season, especially in places where the temperatures can go very low, although it is not very common.

Conditions like asthma and sinusitis can also get aggravated during the winters, in people who already have them, due to the unfavourable weather conditions.

In addition, ailments like joint pain and arthritis can also worsen during winters, as the cold temperatures limit blood flow to the joints, increasing the pain.

So, there are a few foods that one can consume during the winters, in order to keep themselves healthy and avoid diseases.

Have a look at those foods, here.


1. Ghee

Ghee is a traditional milk product, especially popular in India, used to prepare a number of rich dishes and sweets. Although many people think that ghee is fattening, consuming limited amounts can be beneficial for the health, especially in winters, because ghee can increase the body temperature with its omega-3 fatty acid content.


2. Butter

Although butter may be considered as one of the healthiest foods out there, because it is high in calorie and fat content, small amounts of it can be consumed during winters, as butter too is a milk product that can increase your body temperature naturally.


3. Tomato

Consuming a bowl of steaming tomato soup or tomato broth can also benefit you greatly during winters. Tomato is rich in vitamin C and lycopene content, which can boost your immune system from within and help fight diseases that affect you during the cold season.


4. Leafy Greens

Leafy greens such as spinach, kale, mint leaves, etc., are healthy in general to be consumed during any time of the year. However, they can be especially healthy when consumed during winter because apart from increasing your body temperature from within, they can also improve your immunity.


5. Cashew Nuts

Cashews are a type of nuts that are very healthy and are also added to many Indian dishes to add more flavour and richness. Consuming a handful of cashew nuts is known to fight diseases like heart ailments and depression. Cashews can also increase your body temperature and keep you healthy during winters.


6. Pepper

Adding black pepper to your diet during the winter months can also keep diseases away, black pepper comes with anti-inflammatory properties that can treat a number of ailments, which are common during the winters, such as respiratory problems, cold, cough and even joint pain.


7. Apple

Apple is a season fruit which commonly grows in abundance during the winter months in India. This tasty fruit is rich in antioxidants and various vitamins and minerals, which combine together to improve your metabolic rate and immunity during winters.


8. Dark Chocolate

Consuming a cup of hot chocolate made from dark cocoa powder can also boost your metabolism and immunity during the winters, along with increasing your body temperature, to keep you healthy. You can also consume a piece of pure dark, sugarless chocolate on a daily basis.


9. Dates

Dates are popular and tasty dry fruits that are highly nutritious. Dates can be consumed regularly even during the non-winter months, thanks to their health benefits. Also, in winters they can increase your body temperatures from within to keep you warm.

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    Story first published: Tuesday, December 12, 2017, 17:00 [IST]
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