10 Rules To Eat Healthy Without Starving

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The only problem with cultivating healthy eating habits is that it looks like work. That kills the joy in trying to follow a healthy diet plan. Also, sticking to a rule always seems boring.

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Is there a way out? How to eat your favourite foods and still stay healthy? Wouldn't it be great to be able to munch something tasty and still maintain healthy weight?

Well, here are some very liberal eating rules to follow. You will still be able to maintain healthy weight if you are not overweight already. Read on...


Breakfast Rule #1

Ensure that your breakfast doesn't exceed 300 calories. Whether it is idli or puri or poha, ensure that you strictly follow the calorie count.


Breakfast Rule #2

Your breakfast should supply at least 10 grams of protein, a small amount of healthy fat and fiber. If it contains grains, they should be whole grains, not refined grains.

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Lunch Rule #1

Ensure that your lunch never exceeds 400-500 calories. Whether you eat roti or a sandwich along with salads, maintain that calorie range.


Lunch Rule #2

Your lunch must contain 50% of vegetables. If you are eating vegetables with rice, fill your plate half with vegetables only.


Dinner Rule #1

Your dinner should never exceed 400 calories. Eating a heavy meal at night isn't advisable for the lifestyle that most of us follow.

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Dinner Rule #2

Your dinner plate must also contain 50% of vegetables (non-starchy), 25% protein and whole grains.


Snacking Rule #1

Whenever there is a gap of more than 3 hours between your main meals, you can enjoy a snack. But it should not exceed 100 calories.


Snacking Rule #2

Ensure that even your snacks contain healthy fat, fiber and protein to make you feel full and reduce your cravings. No processed food please!

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Snacking Rule #3

You can treat yourself with your favourite food once a day if it isn't above 100 calories!


Snacking Rule #4

If you are dying to eat processed food, do it only once a month without feeling guilty about it.

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Story first published: Thursday, January 5, 2017, 8:36 [IST]
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