Unusual Carbohydrates To Have Post Workout

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If you are serious about your workout plan which can help you build muscles and increase your stamina, then it is likely that you have looked at the nutritional factors that come into play with this goal.

The post exercise meal is going to be so crucial because you do not want to eat the wrong types of food and gain weight after slogging in the gym for a considerable period of time. You will like to optimize this chance to develop new mass, without seeing an accompanying weight gain.

foods to eat post workout

Your anabolic hormones which stimulate protein synthesis, muscle growth and insulin will also be optimized at this point. While many people think you need to steer clear of sugary cereals, there are certain carbohydrates that you can have to replace your muscle glycogen after exercising.

foods to eat post workout

Here are some carbohydrates that you can eat safely post workout in order to keep your muscles healthy with the required glycogen. However, be careful not to overindulge as these will only be beneficial if eaten in moderation.

Dumplings are actually an excellent source of carbohydrates and do not contain all that much fat themselves. This makes them an ideal selection, plus they have been pretty easy to carry on the way home from the gymnasium.

foods to eat post workout

For all you sushi lovers out there, this can be a great food to eat after your exercise. Again, that sticky rice will be a quick supply of carbohydrates, which is essentially the main thing you need at this stage. While some types of sushi may have some protein, this is certainly not really a bad thing as you need a fair amount of protein in the post exercise meal as well.

foods to eat post workout

Lastly, the most uncommon post exercise food that individuals overlook that does work well will be ice cream sandwiches. Believe it or not, these can certainly help with your muscle development capabilities as they are also fairly low in fat, but saturated in glucose, that refills that muscle glucose quickly.

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Story first published: Monday, January 2, 2017, 10:30 [IST]
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