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    Doctors Say That This Remedy Is The Best To Reduce Cholesterol!

    If you are someone who loves to eat out often, hates exercising and smokes cigarettes regularly, then you could be prone to ailments like high cholesterol. Did you know that there is a home remedy for cholesterol that doctors feel is the best one out there?

    The high amounts of unhealthy fats and sugars found in junk food, when consumed on a regular basis can definitely cause your cholesterol levels to spike.

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    Cholesterol can be described as a soft, waxy substance that is found in the bloodstream and in the cells of our body.

    Cholesterol helps carry out certain important functions like producing cell membranes, stimulating the production of certain hormones, helping in the absorption of vitamin D by the body, etc.

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    However, if the amount of cholesterol becomes more in the body, it gets accumulated in the arteries, in the form of plaque and obstructs the blood flow to various important organs such as the heart, causing serious ailments.

    So, here is an excellent home remedy that even doctors approve, that can reduce cholesterol.


    Recipe To Prepare The Remedy

    Ingredients Required :

    1. Seedless Dates - 3-4


    Ingredients Required :

    2. Ginger Juice - 2 teaspoons


    Fact #1

    This home remedy to reduce cholesterol works wonders, especially when you take it on a regular basis and when you also follow certain diet and exercise habits.

    While taking this remedy, it is important to avoid fatty foods and foods rich in oil.


    Fact #2

    Dates are extremely rich in fibre content, so they course through your veins and dislodge the cholesterol accumulated in them, eventually flushing them out of your system.


    Fact #3

    In addition, the ginger juice present in this natural remedy for cholesterol, contains certain acids, which have the ability to enable your body to lower its capacity to store excess cholesterol.


    Method To Prepare And Use The Remedy :

    Step 1:

    • Add the suggested amounts of ingredients into a blender.
    • Add some water in the same blender and grind well to form a mixture.
    • Now, collect the mixture in a cup.

    Step 2 :

    • Consume this mixture, every night, after dinner, for at least 2 months.
    • If you are prone to acidity, then use fewer dates to prepare the remedy.

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