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Why Is Brown Bread Healthy?


What is the exact difference between brown bread (wholegrain bread) and white bread? Well, brown bread is made of the whole wheat grain whereas white bread is a product of refined grains.

The problem with refined grains is that its outer layer is removed. The bran is nutritious due to its fibre content. Whole wheat contains the bran and even the germ and endosperm (inner components of the grain).

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Refined grains are nothing but grains without the bran and germ. The nutrients in the outer layers of the grain are lost during the process of refining the grain. That is why whole grain bread is healthier. Read on...


Benefit #1

Brown bread contains niacin, thiamine, riboflavin, folate, vitamin K, vitamin E, pantothenic acid, carbohydrates, magnesium, and of course, fibre.


Fact #2

Brown bread is comparatively low in calories. White bread may contain additives that increase its calorie count. Eating whole grain bread helps you maintain healthy weight.

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Fact #3

The glycemic index of brown bread is low. So, it doesn't suddenly spike your blood sugar. This way, it will reduce the risk of diabetes.


Fact #4

Brown bread digests well. As brown bread contains enough fibre, your bowel movements tend to be smoother.

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The bran present in it will improve the texture of your stools and may also reduce the chance of irritable bowel syndrome. If you eat brown bread daily, you may not need laxatives.


Fact #5

Many studies claim that brown bread also reduces the risk of heart disease in the long run. In fact, all whole grains are better than refined ones. Firstly, they minimise bad cholesterol.


Fact #6

If you eat brown bread regularly and stay away from white bread, the risk of obesity will reduce by at least 40% (depending upon other factors).

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Fact #7

Whole grains also reduce blood pressure, triglycerides, insulin levels and blood cholesterol. Whole grains also prolong life.

They are said to reduce the risk of dental issues too. Some studies even say that they reduce the risk of certain types of cancer. This way, whole grain bread is far better than white bread.

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