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Is Tapioca Healthy?


Tapioca is a derivative of cassava plant. The roots of the plant are mainly used for edible purposes. Tapioca offers certain health benefits too.

Tapioca is also gluten-free; so people who are gluten intolerant can try it out. Tapioca contains selenium, copper, calcium, manganese and iron, vitamin B6, folate and panthothenic acid. Now, let us discuss how tapioca benefits your health.

Healthy Ways Of Eating Sabudana

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Caution: Tapioca may have toxic side effects when prepared or consumed in incorrect ways. So, ensure that you buy it from reputed sources. Also, never try to process cassava on your own.


Digestive Health

It offers lots of fibre. Your digestive system works efficiently when you consume enough of dietary fibre. Regular consumption of tapioca can prevent constipation, intestinal pain, bloating and even colo-rectal cancer.


Blood Circulation

Tapioca contains iron. Your body needs iron to produce new blood cells. So, eating tapioca regularly can prevent anemia and can also boost healthy circulation.

What Happens To Your Body When You Eat Sabudana?


Folic Acid

Tapioca also contains folic acid and B complex vitamins. If you are taking vitamin supplements, try tapioca after consulting your doctor.


Blood Pressure

The potassium present in tapioca helps in reducing stress on blood vessels and arteries. Also, potassium plays a role in fluid balance.

6 Health Benefits Of Sabudana


Healthy Weight Gain

If you are underweight, then tapioca can help you gain healthy weight. It is rich in carbs. Even a cup of it can offer almost half of your daily carb requirement. Also, as it doesn't contain saturated fat and cholesterol you can have it without worrying.


Bone Health

Tapioca is good for your bone health too. It contains iron, calcium and vitamin K. It can prevent conditions like osteoporosis and osteoarthritis.


Metabolic Activity

Tapioca also contains protein. If you are looking for plant-based protein tapioca is a good choice.

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