Ayurvedic Drink To Increase Breast Size, That Works For Every Woman!

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If you are a woman who is rather unhappy about the small size of your breasts, then we totally understand your plight. Did you know that there is an ayurvedic remedy that can give you bigger breasts?

Many celebrities these days go in for cosmetic surgeries, which help them get bigger, firmer breasts; however, those procedures are very expensive and often come with side effects.

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Women with bigger breasts have always been considered to be more attractive.

It is also said that, this concept originated during the ancient times, when men believed that women with bigger breasts were more fertile.

So, if you wish to increase the size of your breasts, without going in for expensive surgeries or if you are afraid of the side effects of cosmetic surgery, then there is an exceptional ayurvedic remedy you can try right at home!

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So, learn how to prepare and use the ayurvedic remedy for bigger breasts, here.


Recipe To Prepare The Remedy

Ingredients Required :

1. Jeera Powder - 2 teaspoons


Ingredients Required :

2.Almond Milk - ½ a cup


Ingredients Required :

3. Spinach Juice - 3 tablespoons


Fact #1

This natural remedy that can help increase your breast size can work exceptionally well, when taken on a regular basis.

In addition, along with the remedy you must also practise chest exercises, that include chest presses and push-ups, for at least 30 minutes every day, to boost your breast tissues to grow faster.


Fact #2

Both spinach and almond milk are rich in antioxidants and protein content, that can help in the enlargement of the pectoral muscles, in the chest region, giving your breasts a fuller appearance.

The jeera power contains zinc, which can stimulate the production of breast tissues, making them fuller and bigger in size.


Method To Prepare And Use The Remedy :

  • Add the suggested amounts of ingredients in a cup.
  • Stir well to form a mixture.
  • Your drink is now ready for consumption.

Step 2:

  • Drink every night, after dinner, for at least 3 months.
  • If you are allergic to almond milk, you can use soy milk instead.
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Story first published: Monday, January 16, 2017, 10:22 [IST]
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