World Sight Day 2018: 12 Best Foods For Eye Health That Will Help Improve Your Eyesight

October 11th marks the World Sight Day which is an annual day of awareness to focus on blindness and vision impairment. This year the international theme for World Sight Day 2018 is Eye Care Everywhere.

Our eyes are the most important organ of the body, without which it would be quite difficult for us. But, due to various factors, our eyes are getting affected unknowingly due to staring at the glared computer screen for longer hours or reading a book closely.

food for eye health

With a drastic change in lifestyle and environment, small children at a very early age are wearing spectacles before they even reach a certain age.

It is because there is a lack of nutrients in the diet that we must make sure to provide at any cost regularly. Poor eyesight can also occur due to ocular malnutrition, which happens at a very young age.

Ocular malnutrition means when there is no sufficient proportion of foods for your eyes in your diet, as a result it can make your eyesight weak.

Maintaining a well-balanced diet is the key to keeping your eyes healthy, and it may also help reduce the risk of developing further eye conditions.

Eye conditions such as dry eyes, cataracts, glaucoma and poor night vision can be avoided if you include an array of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients in your diet daily.

So, read on to know more about the 10 best foods for eye health.


1. Fish

Fish like salmon, tuna, etc., are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which are very good for your eye health, especially the retina. These healthy fats prevent glaucoma and dry eyes syndrome and contribute to proper visual development. You can either boil or grill the fish to get the maximum number of nutrients.


2. Eggs

Eggs are great for eye health too due to zinc, zeaxanthin, lutein and vitamin A that are present in the yolk, which protect the eyes from the harmful blue light. Vitamin A protects the cornea, lutein and zeaxanthin lower the chances of cataracts and zinc contributes to the health of the retina. You can enjoy your eggs at breakfast, lunch or dinner.


3. Almonds

Almonds contain vitamin E that guards against unstable molecules, which target healthy tissues of the eyes. Consuming almonds daily can help prevent cataracts and age-related macular degeneration. Get your daily dose of vitamin E by snacking on the almonds in your breakfast cereal, yoghurt or in salads.


4. Bell Pepper

Bell peppers are good for the blood vessels in your eyes, and it could also lower the risk of cataracts. Bell peppers are full of vitamins like A, C, and E that are very good for your vision and also help you to see clearly. You can add bell peppers in salads or you can sauté it.


5. Nuts

Nuts like hazelnuts, peanuts, and almonds are good sources of vitamin E and are also packed with other nutrients. Vitamin E along with other nutrients can help slow down the age-related macular degeneration from getting worse and it may also prevent cataracts from forming.

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6. Leafy Green Vegetables

Dark-green leafy vegetables like spinach and kale are rich in vitamin C and vitamin E. These vegetables also contain lutein and zeaxanthin, which lower the risk of long-term eye diseases. You can include these dark-green leafy vegetables in salads and soups.


7. Carrots

Carrots top the list in the eye health category and are good sources of vitamin A and beta-carotene. Beta-carotene and vitamin A help the surface of the eye and can also prevent various eye infections and other serious eye conditions. You can toss the carrots into salads and soups, or you can add them to your cake batter.


8. Broccoli

Broccoli is another vegetable that is packed with essential nutrients like vitamin A, vitamin C, and vitamin E. These antioxidants help in protecting the cells in your eyes from free radicals, a type of unstable molecule that destroys the healthy tissues of your eyes. You can either sauté broccoli or you can boil it and eat it.

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9. Orange

Oranges and other citrus fruits contain vitamin C, which is very good for eye health. This vitamin found in oranges contributes to healthy blood vessels in your eyes and it can combat the development of cataracts. You can either drink the natural orange juice or you can eat it as a snack.


10. Lean Meat

Lean meat like beef, chicken and pork contain a mineral called zinc that brings vitamin A from your liver to your retina, where it is used to make the protective pigment melanin. Lean meat will help to keep the retina in a good condition.


11. Red Wine

If you love drinking red wine, then this is good news for all the wine lovers. Red wine is rich in flavonoids that keep your cornea healthy. But, consume red wine in limited amounts instead of over drinking it.


12. Onions

Many do not like eating onions due to the smell of it. But, you will be amazed to know that onions contain sulphur, which helps produce a chemical called glutathione that protects the lenses of the eyes. You can add onions to your salad to get an abundance of nutrients.

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