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11 Health Benefits Of White Mushrooms

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health benefits of white mushrooms

We all know that fruits and vegetables which have brighter colours have more nutrients. However, in this aspect, white mushrooms break the rules. These white and dull-coloured fungi, otherwise a very popular food item, are packed with nutrients.

White mushrooms are edible fungi which are spongy and famous for their meat-like structure. It is an exotic ingredient that is easily available and used in most dishes like soups, salads or stir-fries.

Their meaty structure helps to add body to the meals. There are various types of mushrooms - like oyster mushrooms, button mushrooms and shiitake mushrooms. Mushrooms are low in calories and a good source of vitamin B.

Mushrooms are also excellent for your health, as they have numerous medicinal properties. Mushrooms are rich in zinc and potassium that help in regulating various functions of the body.

So, incorporate white mushrooms into your cooking and enjoy the 11 health benefits of these superfoods.


1. Lowers Cholesterol

White mushrooms are full of lean proteins and help keep the cholesterol in check. Mushrooms contain fibre and certain enzymes that help to lower cholesterol levels. The protein content aids in burning excess cholesterol and fat in the body.


2. Improves Bone Health

White mushrooms contain abundant calcium, which is essential for maintaining strong bones. Consuming mushroom regularly can reduce the chances of osteoporosis, joint pain and other disorders related to bone degeneration.


3. Boosts Immune System

Ergothioneine, a powerful antioxidant present in mushrooms is effective in eradicating free radicals, thus strengthening the immune system. They also contain natural antibiotic and anti-fungal properties that help to get rid of various kinds of infections.

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4. Prevents Diabetes

White mushrooms contain natural insulin and enzymes that help the breaking down of sugar or starch in food. They are also a great source of chromium, which helps to maintain the blood sugar levels, further keeping a check on insulin, making it a superfood for diabetics.


5. Helps In Weight Loss

White mushrooms contain a lot of fibre that helps in improving digestion and keeps the metabolism in check. Mushrooms are an ideal food for losing muscle mass because it is low in fat or carbohydrates that would make it a great food for weight loss.


6. Increases Iron Absorption

White mushrooms contain copper which can regulate and stimulate the absorption of iron from foods. Mushrooms are also rich in iron, so both the minerals work together to help maintain healthy bones and prevent anaemia.


7. Lowers Blood Pressure

White mushrooms contain potassium that acts as a vasodilator that relaxes the tension in blood vessels and therefore reduces blood pressure. Potassium is also known to increase cognitive function by increasing blood and oxygen flow to the brain that stimulates neural activity.

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8. Prevents Cancer

White mushrooms are effective in preventing breast cancer and prostate cancer. It contains linoleic acid which is helpful in suppressing the harmful effects of excess oestrogen. Mushrooms also contain beta-glucans that inhibit the growth of cancerous cells in cases of prostate cancer.


9. It Contains Antioxidants

White mushrooms are packed with beneficial antioxidants. The antioxidants fight oxidation that increases your risk of genetic mutations, and also damages the lipids and proteins that make up your cell membranes. They also contain ergosterols, one type of an antioxidant that fights chronic diseases.


10. Contains Vitamin B-2 And B-5

Add more white mushrooms to your diet and you will consume B-complex vitamins, particularly B-5 and B-2. These two nutrients help activate enzymes that your cells need to convert into energy. Vitamin B-2 supports liver function and B-5 aids in the production of hormones.


11. Rich In Selenium

White mushrooms are the best way for vegetarians to obtain the necessary amount of selenium, which is found in large quantities. Selenium can benefit bone health that increases durability and also strengthens the teeth, hair and nails.

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    Story first published: Thursday, December 28, 2017, 12:00 [IST]
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